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Denver Country Club Wins Club Team Championship

October 6-7, 2001, Lone Tree GC & Inverness GC

by Colorado Golf Association - 10/7/2001

Denver Country Club won the two-day CGA Club Team Championship in true team fashion. The tournament was scored in college format in which the team score each day was the total of the best three scores of the four team members. However, at the end of the final round at Inverness Golf Club, the Denver Country Club team was tied at 444 with the Rolling Hills Country Club team. The playoff for the title was decided by the scores of the fourth players on each team that had not been used in the final day total, and Denver Country Club's fourth player won the title for the team. Denver's Scott Peterson lead the way in individual scoring with a 70 at Lone Tree Golf Course in the first round and a 72 at Inverness for a two-under 142. Rolling Hills Country Club took second, nine strokes better than the third place team from Collindale Golf Course.

Jerry Smith of Springfield Golf Course had a hole-in-one on #8 at Inverness, and interestingly, he had a hole-in-one the last time he played Inverness in the late 1970's on what was then hole #17. Inverness has since switched it's nines, so #17 became #8 - so Smith hit his holes-in-one on the same hole, although they were differently number on each occasion.



            444 - Denver CC: (pictured) Craig Gardiner, Tom Kudinger, Scott Peterson, Jim Campbell, 223-221

            444 - Rolling Hills CC: Sean Forey, Bill Fowler, Scott Radcliffe, Tom Schleibaum, 216-228

            453 - Collindale GC: Mike Enright, Scott Winkel, Steve Wahbah, Dave Hunn, 233-220

            454 - Overland GC: Geoff Keffer, Jerry Kidney, Bob Lowry, Mike Rodriguez, 224-230

            456 - Meadow Hills GC: Dean Clapp, Scott Whalen, Kevin Walden, Brian Richmeier, 229-227

            456 - Spring Valley GC: Jerry Smith, Tom Roos, John Boyles, Wes Severin, 227-229

            458 - Fox Hill CC: Guy Mertz, Jim Brown, Dan Coffin, Dave Schey, 230-228

            467 - The Meadows GC: John Kaiser, Joe Brady, Terry Burley, Brian Burley, 232-235

            468 - Pinehurst CC: Bob Schuler, Greg Allen, Scott Crane, Dave Holobaugh, 231-237

471 - Foothills GC #1: Jerry Wittmer, Doug Collamer, Rob McQuade, Paul Kakac, 238-233

            472 - Hyland Hills GC #2: Steve Lechner, Scott Patterson, Bob Dameron, Kirk Hickey, 236-236

            473 - Hyland Hills GC #1: Dave Lawson, Pat Almdale, Dan Osborn, Mike Williams, 232-241

            474 - Canterberry GC: Andy Sommer, Jeff Bissonnette, Dave Knepp, Jim Welch, 237-237

            474 - Mira Vista GC: Don Lighburn, John Applegate, Greg Roberts, Craig Silverman, 233-241

            474 - Inverness GC: Scott Burley, Tony Tormey, Jim Voigt, Geoff Brooks, 236-238

476 - Wellshire GC: Stuart Hoover, Henry Bissell, Ron Harlow, Todd Jansen, 237-239

            480 - Saddle Rock/Murphy Creek GC: David Snow, Dave Roylance, Richard Barg, Brad Swanson, 237-243

            483 - Riverdale GC: Mike Cutshaw, Nate Cutshaw, Matt Tani, Rick Mandock, 239-244

            494 - Red Hawk Ridge GC: Bob Luebben, Brent Timm, Dave Bourcier, James Walpole, 246-248

            495 - Foothills GC #2: Chris Barela, Steve Bradley, Perry Clark, Steve Marsh, 251-244

            514 - Indian Peaks GC: Steve Jones, Mark Adams, Chris Beall, Mark Maioli, 259-255

            519 - Rocky Flat Denver GC: Michael Padilla, Robert Dichard, Larry Hirsch, Richard Reynolds, 262-257

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