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Rick and Mitch Cole Win CGA Father/Son Championship

June 16-17, 2001, Shining Mountain Golf Course

by Colorado Golf Association - 6/17/2001

Rick Cole, head professional at Eaton Country Club teamed up with son Mitch (pictured) to fire a 66 in the first round, then a 79 in the final round to win the CGA Father/Son Championship at Shining Mountain Golf Course by three strokes. Aaron and Nick Babl of Twin Peaks Golf Course tied for second with Rick and Tony DeWitt of West Woods Golf Club at 148. Fourth place was captured by Scott and Kyle Sullivan of Bookcliff Country Club at 149.

In the Younger Division (son age 13 or younger) James and Daniel Mauer of Fox Hill Country Club took the title at 169. James and Cameron Snyder of Collindale Golf Course tokk second at 171.

Rick Cole, Eaton CC, Mitch Cole, Eaton CC, 66-79-145
Aaron Babl, Twin Peaks GC, Nick Babl, Twin Peaks GC, 69-79-148
Rick DeWitt, West Woods GC, Tony DeWitt, West Woods GC, 72-76-148
Scott Sullivan, Bookcliff CC, Kyle Sullivan, Bookcliff CC, 68-81-149
Gary Cosel, Woodmoor Pines, David Cosel, Woodmoor Pines, 71-79-150
Kenneth Harris, Saddle Rock, David Harris, Saddle Rock, 73-77-150
Bill Petri, The Ranch CC, Brian Petri, The Ranch CC, 71-81-152
Ted Zerwin, The Ranch CC, John Zerwin, The Ranch CC, 68-84-152
Jack Bradbury, Cherry Hills CC, Robin Bradbury, Sunset GC, 68-85-153
Richard Oh, Meridian GC, Thomas Oh, Meridian GC, 73-80-153
John Scott, Englewood, John Scott, Englewood, 72-81-153
Marshall Holden, Ft. Morgan GC, Richard Holden, Trinidad GC, 71-84-155
Paul Lamothe, Inverness GC, Scotty Lamothe, Inverness GC, 76-80-156
Dan Schwartz, Chris Schwartz, Bookcliff CC, 73-84-157
Barry Blanchard, Bookcliff CC, Tim Blanchard, Bookcliff CC, 78-81-159
Larry Michaels, Grandote Peaks, Greg Michaels, Indian Tree GC, 78-81-159
Scott Anderson, Fort Collins CC, Dan Anderson, Fort Collins CC, 78-81-159
Hank Franks, Haymaker GC, Jeffrey Franks, Haymaker GC, 78-82-160
Bill Schuler, Heather Ridge CC, Bob Schuler, Pinehurst CC, 77-83-160
Larry Netherton, Lone Tree GC, Steven Netherton, Glenmoor CC, 77-84-161
Arlo Cramer, Patty Jewett, Brian Cramer, Patty Jewett, 78-83-161
Matt Bancroft, Collindale GC, Scott Bancroft, Collindale GC, 78-85-163
Don Hansen, Kissing Camels CC, Scott Hansen, Bookcliff CC, 81-82-163
Gary Kephart, Eisenhower GC, Alex Kephart, Eisenhower GC, 76-88-164
Les Williams, Fox Hill, Ted Williams, The Olde Course at Loveland, 79-86-165
Russell Roehrkasse, Colorado Spr CC, Chris Roehrkasse, Colorado Spr CC, 73-92-165
Chris Owens, Boulder CC, Trevor Owens, Boulder CC, 77-89-166
David Hoffman, Bookcliff CC, Ben Hoffman, Bookcliff CC, 79-87-166
Terry Haas, Sunset GC, Brian Haas, Sunset GC, 78-88-166
Robin Bradbury, Sunset GC, Criss Bradbury, Sunset GC, 78-89-167
Doug Ideker, Rolling Hills CC, Tyler Ideker, Rolling Hills, 82-85-167
Ryan Faulconer, Brodmoor GC, Forrest Faulconer, Broadmoor GC, 84-86-170
Bill McClearn, Meridian GC, Hugh McClearn, Meridian GC, 80-91-171
Jim Shinaut, Pinery CC, Tyson Shinaut, Pinery CC, 84-89-173
Tom Parko, Sr., Springhill GC, Tom Parko, Jr., Springhill GC, 81-93-174
Paul Gilbert, Collindale GC, Rex Gilbert, Shadow Hills GC, 83-91-174
Mark Volk, Sr., Highlands Ranch GC, Mark Volk, Jr., Highlands Ranch GC, 88-86-174
Ted Taylor, Sheraton Steamboat GC, Jake Taylor, Inverness GC, 82-94-176
Steve Stoltz, Ft. Collins CC, Jeff Stoltz, Ft. Collins CC, 80-96-176
Bill Wagner, Bookcliff CC, Bradley Wagner, Bookcliff CC, 89-87-176
Allen Vean, Bear Creek, Jay Vean, Bear Creek, 86-90-176
Steven Ayres, Denver CC, Samuel Ayres, Denver CC, 89-88-177
Loel Lierman, The Links GC, Caleb Lierman, The Links GC, 84-94-178
Donald Braun, Collindale GC, Derek Braun, Collindale GC, 85-95-180
Stu Nickell, Glenmoor CC, Chad Nickell, Glenmoor CC, 80-101-181
Joseph Streater, Meridian, JJ Streater, Meridian, 90-93-183
Fred Esposito, Sunset GC, Paul Esposito, Twin Peaks GC, 85-98-183
Mike Kuberski, Denver City Park GC, Nate Kuberski, Hillcrest GC, 88-95-183
Ben Wilson, The Meadows, Payne Wilson, The Meadows, 85-101-186
Mike Ballard, Flatirons GC, Dave Ballard, Flatirons GC, 86-104-190
Roger Miller, Salida, Blake Miller, Rifle, 102-93-195
George Hamlin, Collindale GC, Wade Hamlin, Collindale GC, 92-105-197
Lou Malandra, Centennial GC, Malandra Anthony, Centennial GC, 95-104-199

James Maurer, Fox Hill CC, Daniel Maurer, Fox Hill CC, 82-87- 169
James Snyder, Collindale GC, Cameron Snyder, Collindale, 83-88- 171
Bob Austin, Cherry Hills CC, Michael Austin, Cherry Hills, 87-87- 174
Reed Myer, Denver CC, Will Myer, Denver CC, 81-93- 174
Stephen Dillon, Colorado Springs CC, Chris Dillon, Colorado Springs CC, 87-99- 186
Jeffrey Riggs, Cherry Hills CC, Matthew Riggs, Cherry Hills CC, 86-107- 193
Gary Thiret, Collindale GC, Tyler Thiret, Collindale GC, 93-108- 201
Jim McKenna, Collindale GC, Kyle McKenna, 95-107- 202
Eric Sipf, Sr, Glenmoor CC, Eric Sipf, Jr., Glenmoor CC, 94-109- 203 


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