Sensing a Pattern?

Jennifer Kupcho seemed surprised by the weight of the CWGA Stroke Play trophy, but she probably shouldn’t be.

After all, she’s had plenty of opportunities to lift it over the last couple of years.

The Westminster resident on Wednesday did something that no other woman had accomplished in the new millennium.

Not only did she become the first player in 20 years to win the CWGA Stroke Play Championship three straight times, but she claimed each of those titles by more than a dozen shots.

But at this point that’s secondary, according to Kupcho.

“It’s exciting to come out of Colorado and have everyone be super supportive of me,” said the Wake Forest junior-to-be, who will be competing in her second consecutive U.S. Women’s Open next month. “That’s probably a bigger deal than winning — just to know that everyone is behind me when I’m out competing on a national level.”

But whatever the case, it’s certainly worth taking note of what Kupcho accomplished on Wednesday.

The No. 11-ranked women’s amateur in the world, Kupcho completed her trifecta by chalking up a 13-shot victory at Lone Tree Golf Club in the 70th CWGA Stroke Play.

Just three weeks before she returns to the U.S. Women’s Open, Kupcho (left and above) became the fifth player to win the CWGA Stroke Play at least three straight years, joining four Colorado Golf Hall of Famers: Janet Moore (1994-97), Carol Flenniken (1968-70), Joan Birkland (1964-66) and Sally Hardwick (1957-59).

Kupcho, the runner-up at last month’s Women’s NCAA Division I Championships, also became the first person since Wendy Werley in 1988 and ’89 to win four straight CWGA major titles (the Stroke Play and Match Play). Alas, Kupcho’s streak is expected to end next month as a scheduling conflict likely will keep her from entering the CWGA Match Play.

“That’s OK,” she responds when asked about her run of CWGA major victories ending.

The 20-year-old finished in style on Wednesday, making seven birdies in the final round to shoot a 5-under-par 67 at the Stroke Play. That gave the three-time CWGA Player of the Year a 6-under 210 total for three days.

“Today I was actually hoping to shoot 67, and I did it,” she said. “After I got to 5 under (after 16), I wanted to make a couple more (birdies) because that would be cool. But you can’t always make them.” Kupcho’s missed birdie putts on the final two holes were from 6 and 10 feet, respectively.

The previous two years in the Stroke Play, Kupcho prevailed by 21 and 19 shots. Overall, she’s won five CWGA majors, with Wednesday marking her second at Lone Tree.

Erin Sargent (left) of Longmont, the 2016 4A state high school champion, tied for second at 223 on Wednesday with her University of Wyoming teammate Megan Knadler of Phoenix. Knadler closed with a 74 and Sargent with a 75.

Mary Weinstein of Highlands Ranch, the 2016 Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado’s girls Player of the Year, shot a 2-under-par 70 on Wednesday to claim fourth place at 224.

Sargent, a 2015 U.S. Women’s Amateur qualifier, relished the experience of competing with one of the world’s top female ams.

“I, of course, gave it my best,” the 19-year-old said. “Overall, it was a solid three days of golf. It’s more experience for me to have for the future.

“Of course, I want to win. That’s just a given. But if I’m not going to win, I’m just going to learn from (Kupcho’s) game and see how I can improve so next time this comes around I have a better chance.

“I definitely like to look at how she plays her game and how I can improve mine so that I can get to the place where I can shoot the numbers that she can. I definitely pay attention to where she puts the ball on the course, what club choice she makes and that sort of thing. I do my best to take what experience and what talent she has and try to apply that to my game so I can get better.”

The lessons were certainly there to be learned on Wednesday. Just in the last 11 holes, Kupcho (left) had seven birdie attempts of 10 feet or less, and several much closer.

“The past couple of days (Monday and Tuesday) I obviously didn’t play my best,” Kupcho said of her rounds of 71-72. “I could have definitely made a lot more putts. I’m a little upset. My goal coming in was to shoot 199 (for three rounds). That didn’t happen so it’s a little bit of a disappointment. But I came out and had one good round to carry that over to the U.S. Open.

“It would have been great to win by that kind of margin (20 or so again), but I didn’t play as well as I could have and everyone else played pretty well.

“Today, I was coming out hoping to make some putts and I finally rolled one in on No. 3. I was super happy about that, and after that they just kind of all went in.”

Well, not all, but certainly an impressive number — enough to carry over into preparations for the U.S. Women’s Open, her next tournament. That’s where, as she noted above, she’ll undoubtedly be getting plenty of support from folks in her home state, as well as in others.

The gross winners of the other flights on Wednesday were Arielle Keating (first), Alexis Chan (second), Sue Hartwell (third) and Jean Miller (fourth).

The low net players were Maddie Kern (first flight), Chan (second), Hartwell (third) and Miller (fourth).


CWGA Stroke Play Championship

At Par-72 Lone Tree GC


Championship Flight

Jennifer Kupcho, Westminster, Colo. 71-72-67″“210

Erin Sargent, Longmont, Colo. 74-74-75″“223

Megan Knadler, Phoenix, Ariz. 77-72-74″“223

Mary Weinstein, Highlands Ranch, Colo. 73-81-70″“224

Anna Kennedy, Parker, Colo. 80-75-72″“227

Delaney Elliott, Superior, Colo. 74-74-79″“227

Kelly Hooper, Spokane, Wash. 76-75-76″“227

Ashlyn Kirschner, Arvada, Colo. 79-76-74″“229

Jaclyn Murray, Grand Junction, Colo. 77-77-75″“229

Gillian Vance, Lakewood, Colo. 75-79-76″“230

Jennifer Hankins, Thornton, Colo. 76-79-75″“230

Sarah Hankins, Thornton, Colo. 78-76-76″“230

Jacquelin Biggs, Englewood, Colo. 78-77-79″“234

Samantha Barker, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 83-70-82″“235

First Flight

Arielle Keating, Colorado Springs, Colo. 81-75-79″“235

Maddie Kern, Westminster, Colo. 77-81-78″“236

Danielle Price, Wakatipu, Colo. 75-82-81″“238

Megan Vernon, Conifer, Colorado 78-80-83″“241

Holly Schaefer, Greenwood Village, Colo. 83-76-83″“242

Sydney Gillespie, Highlands Ranch, Colo. 85-81-76″“242

Kaylee Knadler, Phoenix, Ariz. 82-88-76″“246

Delaney Benson, Littleton, Colo. 84-83-84″“251

Jamie Zook, Colorado Springs, Colo. 82-86-86″“254

Kelsey Webster, Boulder, Colo. 87-88-86″“261

Jaylee Tait, Littleton, Colo. 82-87-WD”“WD

Second Flight

Alexis Chan, Highlands Ranch, Colo. 81-76-79″“236

Tiffany Maurycy, Denver, Colo. 85-78-78″“241

Mariah Ehrman, Westminster, Colorado 89-73-85″“247

Madison McCambridge, Boulder, Colo. 85-78-88″“251

Kelly Rahn, Dacono, Colo. 82-85-92″“259

Kelly Martin, Evergreen, Colo. 91-85-84″“260

Joanna Ringsby, Denver, Colo. 91-87-85″“263

Katherine Moore-Lilly, Longboat Key, Fla. 90-90-83″“263

Kathy Malpass, Evergreen, Colo. 93-84-93″“270

Third Flight

Sue Hartwell, Arvada, Colo. 86-77-86″“249

Haejeong Son, Centennial, Colorado 83-89-85″“257

Laurie Steenrod, Aurora, Colo. 84-88-86″“258

Jennifer Hocking, Colorado Springs, Colorado 88-85-88″“261

LeAnna Rosenow, Arvada, Colo. 91-88-83″“262

Carla Stearns, Aurora, Colo. 83-87-93″“263

Roxanne Witmer, Pueblo West, Colo. 83-90-90″“263

Katty Rothberg, Denver, Colo. 86-86-93″“265

Louise Lyle, Colorado Springs, Colo. 87-89-91″“267

Tess Mitchell, Littleton, Colo. 98-88-87″“273

Nancy Werkmeister, Wheat Ridge, Colo. 89-95-93″“277

Maureen Wood, Lafayette, Colo. 107-98-108″“313

Dee Baker, Florissant, Colo. 92-WD

Fourth Flight

Jean Miller, Arvada, Colo. 85-90-89″“264

Alison O”™Connor, Windsor, Colo. 85-95-85″“265

Sheila Schroeder, Englewood, Colo. 88-88-91″“267

Patty Smogor, Centennial, Colo. 97-86-89″“272

Patricia Swanson, Arvada, Colo. 84-94-95″“273

Karen Leuschel, Broomfield, Colo. 94-95-93″“282

Julie Krueger, Castle Pines, Colo. 88-96-101″“285

Karin Hathaway, Denver, Colo. 99-95-92″“286

Janine Lowe, Littleton, Colo. 95-93-101″“289

Juliet Miner, Castle Rock, Colo. 94-99-97″“290

Linda Schippers, Aurora, Colorado 98-104-105″“307

Connie Norkoli, Aurora, Colo. 115-100-110″“325


First Flight

Maddie Kern, Westminster, Colo. 75-79-76″“230

Arielle Keating, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80-74-78″“232

Holly Schaefer, Greenwood Village, Colo. 80-73-80″“233

Kaylee Knadler, Phoenix, Ariz. 79-85-73″“237

Danielle Price, Wakatipu, Colo. 75-82-81″“238

Megan Vernon, Conifer, Colorado 77-79-82″“238

Delaney Benson, Littleton, Colo. 83-82-83″“248

Sydney Gillespie, Highlands Ranch, Colo. 87-83-78″“248

Jamie Zook, Colorado Springs, Colo. 81-85-85″“251

Kelsey Webster, Boulder, Colo. 85-86-84″“255

Jaylee Tait, Littleton, Colo. 84-89-WD”“WD

Second Flight

Alexis Chan, Highlands Ranch, Colo. 77-72-75″“224

Tiffany Maurycy, Denver, Colo. 81-74-74″“229

Mariah Ehrman, Westminster, Colorado 84-68-80″“232

Kelly Martin, Evergreen, Colo. 84-78-77″“239

Madison McCambridge, Boulder, Colo. 81-74-84″“239

Joanna Ringsby, Denver, Colo. 84-80-78″“242

Kelly Rahn, Dacono, Colo. 77-80-87″“244

Katherine Moore-Lilly, Longboat Key, Fla. 85-85-78″“248

Kathy Malpass, Evergreen, Colo. 88-79-88″“255

Third Flight

Sue Hartwell, Arvada, Colo. 77-68-77″“222

Haejeong Son, Centennial, Colorado 73-79-75″“227

Roxanne Witmer, Pueblo West, Colo. 71-78-78″“227

Carla Stearns, Aurora, Colo. 73-77-83″“233

Laurie Steenrod, Aurora, Colo. 76-80-78″“234

Katty Rothberg, Denver, Colo. 76-76-83″“235

Tess Mitchell, Littleton, Colo. 86-76-75″“237

Jennifer Hocking, Colorado Springs, Colo. 81-78-81″“240

Louise Lyle, Colorado Springs, Colo. 78-80-82″“240

LeAnna Rosenow, Arvada, Colo. 84-81-76″“241

Nancy Werkmeister, Wheat Ridge, Colo. 81-87-85″“253

Maureen Wood, Lafayette, Colo. 98-89-99″“286

Dee Baker, Florissant, Colo. 83-WD

Fourth Flight

Jean Miller, Arvada, Colo. 71-76-75″“222

Julie Krueger, Castle Pines, Colo. 68-76-81″“225

Alison O”™Connor, Windsor, Colo. 72-82-72″“226

Sheila Schroeder, Englewood, Colo. 75-75-78″“228

Karen Leuschel, Broomfield, Colo. 77-78-76″“231

Patricia Swanson, Arvada, Colo. 70-80-81″“231

Patty Smogor, Centennial, Colo. 84-73-76″“233

Janine Lowe, Littleton, Colo. 78-76-84″“238

Karin Hathaway, Denver, Colo. 84-80-77″“241

Juliet Miner, Castle Rock, Colo. 78-83-81″“242

Linda Schippers, Aurora, Colorado 77-83-84″“244

Connie Norkoli, Aurora, Colo. 93-78-88″“259