Amateurs Sweep Descente Colorado Cup Matches

The tranquil terrain of the world famous Sanctuary in Castle Rock became a battlefield as twenty four professionals and twenty four amateurs (twelve each in a men’s division and a senior division) went to war for the Descente Colorado Cups. The professionals entered the match holding the men’s division Colorado Cup, and the amateurs arrived to defend the senior division Colorado Cup. In the men’s division, the amateurs won the four-ball matches 4 1/2 to 1 1/2. The professionals came back to win the singles matches 6 1/2 to 5 1/2, but it wasn’t enough as the men’s division amateur team held on for a 10-8 overall victory and possession of the Colorado Cup for 2000.

The senior division amateur team, attempting to retain the Colorado Cup earned in 1999, took a commanding 5 1/2 to 1/2 lead in the four-ball matches. The senior amateurs never let up, winning the singles matches 9 to 3 for an overall 14 1/2 to 3 1/2 victory.

The 2000 results bring the totals to 21-7-2 for the professionals in the men’s division, and a 9-7-2 advantage to the amateurs in the senior division. Both amateur teams will hold the Descente Colorado Cups until the 2001 matches.



Four-Ball Matches

Ken Krieger-Bill Loeffler def. (a)Ben Portie-(a)Matt Call 2 and 1;

(a)Jason Hause-(a)Mike Glaesel def. Gregg Jones-Steve LeDonne 3 and 2;

(a)Rick DeWitt-(a)Shawn Wills def. Scott Hart-Mike Northern 4 and 3.

(a)Marty Jertsen-(a)Nolan Martin def. Chris Johnson-Dave Lopez 3 and 2;

Matt Schalk-Perry Holmes All Square (a)Eric Billinger-(a)Kevin Stadler;

(a)Todd Vernon-(a)Bret Guetz def. Zane Zwemke-Micah Rudosky 2 and 1.

Four-Ball Summary: Amateurs 4 1/2 Professionals 1 1/2

Singles Matches

(a)Ben Portie def. Gregg Jones 2-up

Ken Krieger def. (a)Jason Hause 5 and 4

(a)Mike Glaesel def. Steve LeDonne 1-up

Bill Loeffler def. (a)Matt Call 5 and 4

(a)Nolan Martin def. Scott Hart 7 and 6

(a)Rick DeWitt – Mike Northern All Square

(a)Shawn Wills – Chris Johnson All Square

Dave Lopez def. (a)Marty Jertsen 1-up

(a)Kevin Stadler def. Matt Schalk 5 and 4

(a)Bret Guetz – Perry Holmes All Square

Micah Rudosky def. (a)Todd Vernon 2 and 1

Zane Zwemke def. (a)Erik Billinger 4 and 3

SINGLES SUMMARY: Professionals 6 1/2 – Amateurs 5 1/2



Senior Four-Ball Matches

(a)Jim Grubbs-(a)David Gross def. Ralph Haddad-Bill Poirot 4 and 2

(a)Doug Jones-(a)Jerry Kidney def. Jim Felts-Jim Phillips 1-up

(a)Jim Brown-(a)Dave Richardson def. Don Fox-Jim Fiala 1-up

(a)Harry King-(a)Ron Knapp def. Don Fox-Mike Pickens 2 and 1

(a)Pat Mooney-(a)Charlie Post def. Jim Johnson-Vic Kline 1-up

Dave Alvarez-Dennis Johnson – (a)John Olive-(a)Roger Gunderson All Square

SENIOR FOUR-BALL: Amateurs 5 1/2 – Professionals 1/2

Senior Singles Matches

(a)Jim Grubbs def. Ralph Haddad 4 and 2

Bill Poirot def. (a)David Gross 3 and 2

(a)Doug Jones def. Jim Felts 3 and 2

(a)Jerry Kidney def. Jim Phillips 2 and 1

(a)Jim Brown def. Don R. Fox 3 and 2

Jim Fiala def. (a)Dave Richardson 2 and 1

(a)Harry King def. Don A. Fox 1-up

(a)Ron Knapp def. Mike Pickens 2 and 1

(a)Pat Mooney def. Jim Johnson 3 and 1

Vic Kline def. (a)Charlie Post 2 and 1

(a)John Olive def. Dave Alvarez 2-up

(a)Roger Gunderson def. Dennis Johnson 2-up

SENIOR SINGLES SUMMARY: Amateurs 9- Professionals 3

SENIOR OVERALL RESULTS: Amateurs 14 1/2 – Professionals 3 1/2

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