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Pros Sweep Men's Divisions in Colorado Cup

Women amateurs improve to 9-0 all-time in matches

by Gary Baines - 6/5/2013

For quite a few years, there was an unmistakable pattern that developed in the annual matches between the pros and amateurs in the Colorado Cup men's open division.

From 2005 through 2011, the professionals won every odd year, while the amateurs took the evens.

But in recent seasons, the pros have gotten greedy.

When they prevailed in the matches held Wednesday at CommonGround Golf Course, it marked the third consecutive victory for the Colorado PGA in the competition, which dates back to 1971.

And, to add to the momentum, the CPGA's men's senior victory Wednesday marked the pros' seventh win in the last eight years over the CGA's amateurs in that division.

"Absolutely it's a big deal," said Caine Fitzgerald, the open-division pros' captain after winning the 2012 Colorado PGA Professional Championship. "There's a little pride, a little bragging rights between us and the amateurs. They have a great team. We saw their roster and knew it would be tough. But our guys just played real well."

While the Colorado PGA swept the men's divisions, the CWGA's representatives (in part pictured at left) continued to have a stranglehold on the women's side as their victory Wednesday made them 9-0 all-time against the pros.

On Wednesday afternoon, the women amateurs swept all six singles matches to win in a rout, 8-1.

"I didn't know (about the amateurs' perfect record)," said two-time CWGA Player of the Year Somin Lee, who was competing in her first Colorado Cup. "After (the four-ball matches Wednesday morning), they said they've never lost this thing before, so I was like, 'Oh crap, I've got to go out there and play well because I didn't win my match on the first 18.' So I thought, 'I'm going to go out there and have fun and hopefully I'll have good results.'

"It's still a tournament, so I love to win, and I want my team to win."

Lee almost missed her morning match altogether as she thought the Colorado Cup was set for next week rather than on Wednesday. It took a text from CWGA executive director Robin Jervey at 7:30 a.m. -- a half hour before the shotgun start -- to get Lee out of bed and to the course just in time.

The amateur women went undefeated in their nine matches (three four-ball, six singles), with two halves their only slight blemishes.

College golfers Shannon Lubar and Allie Johnston went 2-0 to lead the women amateurs.

In the men's open division, the Colorado PGA pros (pictured below) prevailed 11-7, while the senior pros defeated the amateurs 10-8.

Professional Rob Hunt, winner of two Colorado PGA Section championships in the last four years, joined teammate Bobby Quaratino in going 2-0 in open division play on Wednesday.

"Anytime you win it's always a good thing," Hunt said. "With the CGA guys there's a lot of great players. To be able to beat them three years in a row is great."

On the amateur open division side, despite the loss, Derek Fribbs and Brian Richmeier won both their four-ball and singles matches on Wednesday.

Among those who went 2-0 for the senior pros (pictured below) was captain Doug Rohrbaugh, who just last Friday won the HealthOne Colorado Senior Open. David Arbuckle, Doug Perry and Perry Holmes did likewise for the pros.

So is winning the Colorado Cup a big deal for Rohrbaugh and company?

"You can say yes or no beforehand, but once you get to the tee, absolutely it matters," Rohrbaugh said. "We all like to compete, and nobody likes to lose. It's my first time on the senior side. I'd be lying if I didn't say it feels good."

In a losing cause, senior amateurs Bob Chandler, Doug Jones and Jim LeMar won both their matches on Wednesday.

The Colorado PGA pros now lead the all-time men's open competition, 30-11, with two ties. The CGA amateurs are up 15-14, with two ties, in the men's senior division. And the CWGA amateurs are 9-0 against the pros.

Colorado Cup Matches
At CommonGround GC in Aurora
(Note: P indicates professional, A indicates amateur)

FINAL SCORE: Colorado PGA 11, CGA 7

Four-Ball: CPGA 4, CGA 2
     Steven Kupcho-Parker Edens, A, halved with Caine Fitzgerald-Barry Milstead
     Rob Hunt-Bobby Quaratino, P, def. Brandon Bingaman-Jordan Burgess, 5 and 3
     Chris Johnson-Dan O'Shaughnessy, P, def. Jon Lindstrom-Dean Clapp, 2 and 1
     Kirk Rider-Will Panella, P, def. Brendan Connolly-Kory Harrell, 1 up
     Derek Fribbs-Brian Richmeier, A, def. Kevin Bolles-Jeff Carlson, 1 up
     Geoff Keffer-Zane Zwemke, P, halved with Christopher Wilson-Jeff Chapman

Singles: CPGA 7, CGA 5
     Rob Hunt, P, def. Jon Lindstrom 3 and 2
     Bobby Quaratino, P, def. Dean Clapp, 2 and 1
     Geoff Keffer, P, def. Parker Edens, 3 and 2
     Caine Fitzgerald, P, def. Jordan Burgess, 2 and 1
     Barry Milstead, P, halved with Christopher Wilson
     Jeff Chapman, A, halved with Chris Johnson
     Brian Richmeier, A, def. Dan O'Shaughnessy 3 and 2
     Derek Fribbs, A, def. Zane Zwemke, 3 and 2
     Jeff Carlson, P, def. Brendan Connolly, 3 and 2
     Steven Kupcho, A, def. Will Panella, 5 and 4
      Brandon Bingaman, A, def. Kirk Rider, 3 and 2
      Kevin Bolles, P, def. Kory Harrell, 3 and 2

FINAL SCORE: Colorado PGA 10, CGA 8

Four-Ball: CGA 3, CPGA 3
    Doug Rohrbaugh-Scott Walter, P, def. David Delich-Harry Johnson, 2 and 1
     Pat Bowe-Sean Forey, A, def. Ken Krieger-Erroll Miller, 1 up
     Bob Chandler-Doug Jones, A, def. Jim Sanborn-Russell Aragon, 1 up
     David Arbuckle-Doug Perry, P, def. Kelly Crone-Thomas Roos, 5 and 3
    Ray Makloski-Jim LeMar, A, def. Gregg Jones-Rick Ellefson, 4 and 3
    Perry Holmes-Bob McNamee, P, def. Guy Mertz-Scott Sullivan, 1 up

Singles: CPGA 7, CGA 5
Doug Rohrbaugh, P, def. David Delich, 2 and 1
Harry Johnson, A, halved with Scott Walter
Ken Krieger, P, def. Sean Forey, 6 and 5
Erroll Miller, P, halved with Pat Bowe
David Arbuckle, P, def. Kelly Crone, 2 up
Doug Perry, P, def. Thomas Roos, 1 up
Bob Chandler, A, def. Jim Sanborn, 4 and 3
Doug Jones, A, def. Russell Aragon, 1 up
Jim LeMar, A, def. Bob McNamee, 1 up
Gregg Jones, P, def. Ray Makloski, 3 and 2
Guy Mertz, A, def. Rick Ellefson, 2 and 1
Perry Holmes, P, def. Scott Sullivan, 3 and 2


Four-Ball: CWGA 2, CPGA 1

Somin Lee-Christina Spinzig, A, halved with Sherry Smith-Leslie Core-Dravecky
Shannon Lubar-Allie Johnston, A, def. Erin Diegel-Courtney Rudolph, 2 and 1
Cathy Matthews-Kane/Casey Brittain, P, halved with Christie Austin-Janet Moore

Singles: CWGA 6, CPGA 0
Christina Spinzig, A, def. Erin Diegel, 6 and 5
Somin Lee, A, def. Courtney Rudolph, 7 and 5
Christie Austin, A, def. Cathy Matthews-Kane, 1 up
Janet Moore, A, def. Casey Brittain, 4 and 2
Shannon Lubar, A, def. Leslie Core-Dravecky, 7 and 6
Allie Johnston, A, won by forfeit

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