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Pros, Amateurs Split Division Titles in Descente Colorado Cup Matches

August 17-18, 1999, Bear Creek Country Club

by Colorado Golf Association - 8/18/1999

The 1999 Descente Colorado Cup Matches were held yesterday at the legendary Bear Creek Golf Club in Denver. Twelve professionals and twelve amateurs, in both a men's division and a senior division, squared of to determine which associations will carry the Colorado Cups into the next millenium.

In the men’s division, the amateurs and professionals played to a 3-3 draw in the morning's four-ball competition. In the afternoon, with two matches out on the course, the amateurs were leading the singles competition by a score of 5 1/2 to 4 1/2. Both of the remaining matches were all square going in to the final hole, with the amateurs needing just a tie in both matches to win the Cup. However, in a dramatic finish, the professionals managed to win both matches 1-up, giving them an overall 9 1/2 to 8 1/2 victory. The men's division Colorado Cup will remain with the professionals for another year.

In the senior division, the amateurs took a 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 lead after the four-ball team matches into the singles matches. They continued their strong play and won the singles division 6 1/2 to 5 1/2, and defeated the professionals 10 to 8 for the senior division title. In doing so, the amateurs have taken possession of the senior Colorado Cup, and will try to keep it in 2000.

Yesterday’s results bring the totals to 21-6-2 in favor of the professionals in the men’s division and an 8-7-2 advantage to the amateurs in the senior division.

Results Four-Ball Matches Men’s Division
(a) represents amateur

Jason Hause (a)/Ben Fiala (a) def. Perry Holmes/Chris Johnson 5 and 3
Jeff Hanson (a)/Eric Billinger (a) def. Ken Krieger/Jon Petersen 1-up
Bill Loeffler/Paul Lobato def. Charlie Luther (a)/Mark Hirsch (a) 6 and 5
Gregg Jones/Ron Vlosich def. Mike Glaesel (a)/Shawn Wills (a) 1-up
Kevin Stadler (a)/Jay Osmon (a) def. Doug Rohrbaugh/Micah Rudosky 1-up
Dave McCleave/Matt Schalk def. Rick DeWitt (a)/Dave Delich 2 and 1
Pros 3 -- Amateurs 3

Results Singles Matches Men’s Division
(a) represents amateur

Eric Billinger (a) def. Chris Johnson 2 and 1
Jeff Hanson (a) def. Perry Holmes 1-up
Jon Petersen def. Ben Fiala (a) 4 and 3
Jason Hause (a) def. Ken Krieger 1-up
Paul Lobato def. Shawn Wills (a) 1-up
Bill Loeffler def. Mike Glaesel (a) 5 and 4
Gregg Jones vs. Charlie Luther (a) - All Square
Mark Hirsch (a) def. Ron Vlosich 4 and 2
Matt Schalk def. Jay Osmon (a) 1-up
Doug Rohrbaugh def. Dave Delich (a) 1-up
Kevin Stadler (a) def. Dave McCleave 5 and 3
Micah Rudosky def. Rick DeWitt (a) 6 and 5
Pros 6 1/2 -- Amateurs 5 1/2
Men’s Division Results: Pros 9 1/2 -- Amateurs 8 1/2

Results Four-Ball Matches Senior Division

(a) represents amateur

Dave Schey (a)/Jim Pierce (a) def. Jim Johnson/Vic Kline 2 and 1
Don R. Fox/Ralph Haddad vs.Richard Oh (a)/Roger Gunderson (a) - All Square
Jim Hail/Michael Pickens vs. Doug Jones (a)/David Gross (a)
Bert Welz (a)/Grant Maples (a) def. Bill Poirot/Bill Majure 1-up
Earl Svenningsen/Clayton Cole def. Bob Bauers (a)/Jim Brown (a) 6 and 5
Dave Alvarez/Larry Webb def. Bill Holder (a)/Jerry Kidney (a) 1-up
Amateurs 3 1/2 -- Pros 2 1/2

Results Singles Matches Senior Division

Dave Schey (a) def. Jim Johnson 4 and 2
Jim Pierce (a) def. Vic Kline 2 and 1
Don R. Fox vs. Richard Oh - All Square
Roger Gunderson (a) ef. Ralph Haddad 2 and 1
Doug Jones (a) def. Jim Hail 3 and 1
Michael Pickens def. David Gross (a) 2 and 1
Bill Poirot def. Bert Welz (a) 2-up
Grant Maples (a) def. Bill Majure 7 and 5
Earl Svenningsen def. Bob Bauers 4 and 2
Clayton Cole def. Jim Brown 7 and 6
Dave Alvarez def. Bill Holder (a) 3 and 1
Jerry Kidney (a) def. Larry Webb 2 and 1
Amateurs 6 1/2 -- Pros 5 1/2
Final Senior Division Results: Amateurs - 10; Pros 8

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