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Amateurs Take Colorado Cup and Women’s Colorado Cup, Professionals Win Senior Cup

June 6-7, 2006, Murphy Creek Golf Course

by Colorado Golf Association - 6/7/2006

The 36th Colorado Cup Matches concluded yesterday at Murphy Creek Golf Course with the amateurs winning the Colorado Cup and Colorado Women’s Cup while the Colorado Section PGA professionals won the Senior Colorado Cup.

The 36-hole event was closely contested with the amateurs prevailing 10 – 8 in the Open Division and the Colorado Section PGA professionals edging out the amateurs 10 ½ to 7 ½ in the Senior Division. In the Women’s Division the amateurs took 5 ½ of the 6 available points in today’s singles play to easily retain the Cup over the Colorado PGA Women’s Professionals by a margin of 6 ½ to 2 ½.

The amateurs earned 6 ½ of the 12 points in yesterday’s singles play to go with 3 ½ points in Monday’s Four-Ball matches to earn their first Colorado Cup since 2001 and only their 9^th in the 36-year history of the event. Currently, the Colorado Section PGA professionals lead the Colorado Cup series 25-9-2.

In the Senior Division, the Colorado Section PGA professionals took back the cup for the first time since 1998 by taking 7 of 12 singles points to go with 3 ½ from Monday’s Four-Ball. Currently the CGA amateurs hold the Senior Colorado Cup lead 14-8-2 since the division was added in 1983.

The women amateurs made it three straight wins with their dominant play in today’s singles matches and now lead that series 3-0.
RESULTS - (‘a’ denotes amateur)

Caine Fitzgerald, Murphy Creek GC def. def. (a) Derek O'Neil, Lone Tree GC 5 and 4.
(a) Derek Tolan, South Suburban Fam. Spt., def. Chris Johnson, Raccoon Creek GC 2 and 1.
(a) Rick DeWitt, West Woods GC def. Jeff Hanson, Red Sky GC 5 and 4.
(a) Michael Baird, Red Hawk Ridge GC def. Mike McCutchen, Valley CC 3 and 2.
(a) Jim Grady, Omni Interlocken def. Matt Schalk, Lake Valley GC 1-up.
(a) Drew Stoltz, Fort Collins CC, def. Dale Smigelsky, Southridge GC, 2 and 1.
Mike Northern (Captain), Valley Hi GC def. (a) Jim Doidge, Pueblo CC, 5 and 4.
Bill Loeffler, Highlands Ranch GC tied (a) Dean Clapp, Meadow Hills GC.
Gregg Jones, Colorado Springs CC def. (a) Nate Pettit, Collindale GC 1-up.
Micah Rudosky, Conquistador GC def. (a) Darrin Hall, Lakewood CC 4 and 3.
Ted Parker, All Pro Sports & Entertainment def. (a) Henry Bissell, Wellshire GC 3 and 2.
(a) Zen Brown, Indian Tree GC def. Barry Milstead, Valley CC. 2 and 1

Jeff Hanson, Red Sky GC/Bill Loeffler, Highlands Ranch GC, def. (a) Darrin Hall, Lakewood CC/(a) Jim Grady, Omni Interlocken, 1 up

(a) Henry Bissell, Wellshire GC/(a) Rick DeWitt, West Woods GC, def. Mike McCutchen, Valley CC/Dale Smigelsky, Southridge GC, 2 and 1

(a) Michael Baird, Red Hawk Ridge GC/(a) Derek Tolan, South Suburban Family Sports, def. Chris Johnson, Raccoon Creek GC/Matt Schalk, Lake Valley GC, 1 up

(a) Derek O'Neil, Lone Tree GC/(a) Drew Stoltz, Fort Collins CC, def. Ted Parker, All Pro Sports & Entertainment/Micah Rudosky, Conquistador GC, - 5 and 4

Barry Milstead, Valley CC/Gregg Jones, Colorado Springs CC, def. (a) Dean Clapp, Meadow Hills GC/(a) Jim Doidge, Pueblo CC, 5 and 4

(a) Zen Brown, Indian Tree GC/(a) Nate Pettit, Collindale GC, tied Mike Northern (Captain), Valley Hi GC/Caine Fitzgerald, Murphy Creek GC, AS

Open Singles Total: Amateurs 6 ½ - Pros 5 ½
Open Four-Ball Total: Amateurs 3 ½ - Pros 2 ½
Totals: Amateurs 10; Professionals 8.

(a) John Olive, The Broadmoor GC def. Mike Zaremba (Captain), Walking Stick GC 1-up.
(a) Larry Netherton, Highlands Ranch GC def. Tom Nosewicz, Meadow Hills GC 2 and 1.
a) Kelly Crone, Deer Creek GC at Mdw Rn def. Gary Lee, Meridian GC 4 and 2.
Jim Johnson, PGA Life Member tied (a) Scott Peterson, Denver CC.
Scott Walter, Bear Creek GC def. (a) Robert Polk, The Pinery CC 4 and 3.
Ken Krieger, Cheyenne CC def. (a) Charlie Post, Plum Creek GC 4 and 3.
Bernard Petri, Centre Hills GC def. (a) Doug Jones, Tiara Rado GC 2 and 1.
Bob Stallman, Highlands Ranch GC def. (a) Bill Boyd, Highland Hills GC 3 and 1.
Scott Hart, Unattached def. (a) David Brown, Highlands Ranch GC 2 and 1.
Craig Palmer, Golf Galaxy def. (a) Bob Heiny, Highland Hills GC 3 and 1.
(a) Steve Murphy, Canterberry GC def. Jim Long, South Suburban GC 5 and 3.
Rick Cole, Eaton CC tied (a) Art Cudworth, Pinehurst CC 2 and 1.

Gary Lee, Meridian GC/Craig Palmer, Golf Galaxy, def. (a) Art Cudworth, Pinehurst CC/(a) Steve Murphy, Canterberry GC, 2 and 1

(a) David Brown, Highlands Ranch GC/(a) Robert Polk, The Pinery CC, tied Bernard Petri, Centre Hills GC/Scott Walter, Bear Creek GC, AS

Jim Johnson, PGA Life Member/Mike Zaremba (Captain), Walking Stick GC, def. (a) John Olive, The Broadmoor GC/(a) Charlie Post, Plum Creek GC, 2 and 1

Ken Krieger, Cheyenne CC/Bob Stallman, Highlands Ranch GC, def. (a) Kelly Crone, Deer Creek GC at Meadow Ranch/(a) Larry Netherton, Highlands Ranch GC, 5 and 3

(a) Bill Boyd, Highland Hills GC/(a) Bob Heiny, Highland Hills GC, def. Tom Nosewicz, Meadow Hills GC/Scott Hart, Unattached, 4 and 3

(a) Doug Jones, Tiara Rado GC/(a) Scott Peterson, Denver CC, def. Rick Cole, Eaton CC/Jim Long, South Suburban GC, 1 up

Senior Singles Total: Pros 7 – Amateurs 5
Senior Four-Ball Total: Pros 3 ½ - Amateurs 2 ½.
Totals: Professionals 10 ½ - Amateurs 7 ½.

(a) Janet Moore, Cherry Hills CC def. Terra Shehee, Boulder CC 3 and 2.
(a) Ashley Tait, Raccoon Creek GC def. Shannon Hanley, Catamount Ranch & Club 4 and 2.
(a) Lynette Duran, Foothills GC def. Cortney Conway-Murphy, CC at Castle Pines 4 and 3.
(a) Kim Eaton, Greeley CC tied Jennifer Buynak, Sonnenalp GC.
(a) Kelly Jacques, Omni Interlocken def. Leslie Core-Drevecky (Cpt.), Murphy Creek, 3 and 1.
(a) Robin Elbardawil (Captain), Meridian GC forfeit win.

Jennifer Buynak, Sonnenalp GC/Cortney Conway-Murphy, CC at Castle Pines, def. (a) Kim Eaton, Greeley CC/(a) Janet Moore, Cherry Hills CC, 1 up

Shannon Hanley, Catamount Ranch & Club/Terra Shehee, Boulder CC, def. (a) Kelly Jacques, Omni Interlocken/(a) Ashley Tait, Raccoon Creek GC, 2 and 1

(a) Lynette Duran, Foothills GC/(a) Robin Elbardawil (Captain), Meridian GC, def. Leslie Core-Drevecky (Captain), Murphy Creek GC, 6 and 4

Women’s Singles Total: Amateurs 5 ½ - Pros ½ .
Women’s Four-Ball Total: Pros 2 – Amateurs 1
Women’s Totals: Amateurs 6 ½ - Pros 2 ½

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