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Moore, Rudden Win CGA Net Four-Ball Tournament

May 1-2, 2000, Broadmoor Golf Club

by Colorado Golf Association - 5/2/2000

The team of Tim Rudden and Carrol Moore of Sunset Golf Course teamed up for a net 131 to win the Open Division of the CGA Net Four-Ball Tournament at the West Course at the Broadmoor Golf Club. Second was captured by the team of Val Walker of Centennial Golf Club and Joe O'Toole of Bear Creek Golf Club with a net 132. Charles Harder of Fort Collins Country Club and James Snyder of Collindale Golf Course took third place at 133 in a playoff over fourth place finishers Mike Anderson and Dev Mahanti of Meadow Hills Golf Course.

In the Senior Division, the team of Lowell Hegg of The Ranch Country Club and Bill Peterson of Indian Tree Golf Course combined for a net 130 to earn a two-stroke victory over Wayne Anderson and Bob Brown of Walking Stick Golf Course. Third and fourth places were also decided by a playoff. Sunny Hong and Richard Oh of Meridian Golf Club finished third, and the team of Jim Cribbs of Los Verdes Golf Club and Jerry Rehkow of Aurora Hills Golf Course finished fourth.


61-70--131, Tim Rudden, Sunset GC 84-78--162, Carrol Moore, Sunset GC 65-81--146
62-70--132, Joe O'Toole, Bear Creek GC 75-80--155, Val Walker, Centennial GC 72-78--150
67-66--133, Charles Harder, Fort Collins CC 74-77--151, James Snyder, Collindale GC 74-75--149
66-67--133, Mike Anderson, Meadow Hills GC 71-75--146, Dev Mahanti, Meadow Hills GC 75-72--147
70-64--134, Roger Miller, Breckenridge GC 84-73--157, Pat Stanton, Breckenridge GC 82-73--155
65-70--135, Bill Boyd, Highland Hills GC 76-80--156, Mike Sullivan, Highland Hills GC 77-73--150
72-65--137, Keith Hugenberg, Thorncreek GC 75-72--147, Greg McDonald, Coal Creek GC 77-70--147
69-68--137, Matt Bancroft, Collindale GC 76-79--155, Don Braun, Collindale GC 73-78--151
65-72--137, Gary Findlay, Country Club of Colorado 77-80--157, Bill Stoner, Silver Spruce 74-80--154
71-67--138, Jim Getson, Saddle Rock GC 77-74--151, Brad Grattan, Spring Valley GC 81-76--157
70-68--138, Ken Hansen, Saddle Rock GC 77-77--154, Doug Knight, Saddle Rock GC 77-73--150
71-68--139, Rick Larson, Saddle Rock GC 76-71--147, Lorenzo Torres, Red Rocks CC 78-81--159
68-71--139, Eric Jaeger, Thorncreek GC 84-83--167, Paul Rosas, JF Kennedy GC 69-74--143
70-70--140, Kary Kaltenbacher, Glenmoor CC 74-74--148, Michael Mahanes, Lonetree GC 76-77--153
67-73--140, James Schmaling, Fox Hollow GC 72-81--153, Steve Thorne, Fox Hollow GC 82-86--168
67-74--141, Doug Methner, Coal Creek GC 80-82--162, Steve Tourault, Coal Creek GC 70-79--149
72-70--142, Mark Kaiser, Lake Arbor GC 77-75--152, Bruce Pelon, Lake Arbor GC 79-76--155
70-72--142, Randy Peacock, Ute Creek GC 78-82--160, Vince Troisi, Ute Creek GC 73-79--152
71-72--143, Bill Ettenger, Saddle Rock GC 76-81--157, Jim Ettenger, Saddle Rock GC 82-79--161
75-70--145, Aaron Kellough, GC Colorado 87-73--160, Kyle Snyder, GC Colorado 77-77--154
67-79--146, Steve Ivy, Collindale GC 77-80--157, Bill Werst, Collindale GC 76-89--165
75-72--147, Mike Lape, GC Colorado 83-75--158, Scott Maddox, GC Colorado 79-79--158
74-74--148, Mike Giffin, Appletree GC 81-76--157, Rolland Peacock, Mira Vista GC 81-89--170
78-73--151, Brian Brown, Collindale GC 80-79--159, Todd Miklos, Collindale GC 93-85--178


67-63--130, Lowell Hegg, The Ranch CC 74-73--147, Bill Peterson, Indian Tree GC 84-75--159
65-67--132, Wayne Anderson, Walking Stick GC 70-77--147, Bob Brown, Walking Stick GC 79-76--155
70-63--133, Sunny Hong, Meridian GC 74-77--151, Richard Oh, Meridian GC 77-72--149
68-65--133, Jim Cribbs, Los Verdes GC 84-81--165, Jerry Rehkow, Aurora Hills GC 74-68--142
67-67--134, Charles Bush, Highland Hills GC 77-79--156, Tim Henning, Greeley CC 78-74--152
65-69--134, Vic Kregel, Eisenhower GC 73-75--148, Jim Smith, Fort Collins CC 74-78--152
68-67--135, John Dernovish, Indian Tree GC 86-82--168, D. Garcia, Indian Tree GC 83-68--151
71-65--136, Chuck Ahlbrecht, Pinery CC 75-77--152, Pat Swenson, Eaton CC 79-75--154
69-68--137, Ron Scholes, Pinehurst CC 75-75--150, Charles Stevens, Aurora Hills GC 74-75--149
68-69--137, Ron Ratkovich, Indian Peaks GC 76-75--151, Don Shupe, Wellshire GC 79-80--159
66-71--137, Don Anderson, Highland Hills GC 75-82--157, Harlan Sorensen, Highland Hills GC 69-78--147
73-65--138, Don Schluter, Eaton CC 85-80--165, Thurm Wright, Eaton CC 81-72--153
68-70--138, Mel Gardner, Thorncreek GC 80-80--160, Scott Marshall, Hyland Hills GC 73-79--152
64-74--138, Joe Aschenbrenner, Highland Hills GC 73-77--150, Len Varriano, Highland Hills GC 72-80--152
71-69--140, Henry Cooper, Fox Hill CC 81-82--163, Jim Mills, Fox Hill CC 75-71--146
68-72--140, Larry Ayers, Fox Hill CC 76-78--154, Larry Dempsey, Fox Hill CC 74-81--155
66-74--140, Tom Brown, Colorado Springs CC 76-81--157, Dave Parker, Patty Jewett GC 73-81--154
75-66--141, Bob Goldsmith, Greeley CC 83-72--155, Aaron Parkhurst, Eaton CC 80-83--163
74-67--141, Roger Driver, Twin Peaks GC 83-78--161, Paul Nehf, Highland Hills GC 77-74--151
71-70--141, Jimmy Denton, Rocky Mountain GA 80-72--152, Merril Hval, Lone Tree GC 74-78--152
68-73--141, John Watson, Pinehurst CC 77-81--158, Phill Word, Pinehurst CC 74-76--150
65-76--141, Daryle Billinger, Lake Arbor GC 72-84--156, Stan Louthan, Lake Arbor GC 78-86--164
73-69--142, Frank Cimmino, Bear Creek GC 80-75--155, Allen Vean, Bear Creek GC 83-84--167
71-71--142, Ken Ask, Pueblo City Park GC 77-79--156, Dick Schmaltz, Walking Stick GC 82-80--162
74-69--143, Clark Fassett, Fox Hill CC 84-73--157, Bob Woerdehoff, Foxhill CC 78-82--160
72-71--143, Wallace Brinkman, Highland Hills GC 74-76--150, Stan Michalski, Fox Hill CC 85-79--164
75-69--144, Tony Esposito, Lake Arbor GC 91-80--171, Joe Velasquez, Lake Arbor GC 82-71--153
71-74--145, Herb Jara, The Meadows GC 80-85--165, Ron McCloskey, Fox Hollow GC 78-84--162
70-76--146, Jack Baird, Indian Peaks GC 79-79--158, Jim Bowers, Indian Peaks GC 77-84--161
69-77--146, George Hall, Fox Hollow GC 77-83--160, Don Sager, Fox Hollow GC 70-79--149
74-73--147, Don Heinkel, Highland Hills GC 80-78--158, Jerry May, Highland Hills GC 84-81--165
74-74--148, Dick Kirchoff, Highland Hills GC 84-85--169, Bob Sandry, Highland Hills GC 83-82--165
66-83--149, George Minot, Lake Arbor GC 86-96--182, John Mullin, Lake Arbor GC 71-86--157
75-79--154, Harold Reigan, Foothills GC 79-82--161, John Sabados, Wellshire GC 88-88--176
83-75--158, Len Guida, Indian Tree GC 86-86--172, Troy Hale, Indian Tree GC 90-83--173
76-83--159, Marlon Osborne, Indian Tree GC 88-98--186, James Quinn, Indian Tree GC 88-87--175

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