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Lumley, Wyatt Take CGA Net Four Ball Title

May 10-11, 2004, Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course

by Colorado Golf Association - 5/11/2004

The team of John Lumley and Jeff Wyatt of Wellshire GC fired a first round net 59, then backed it up with a solid net 63 to win the open Division of the CGA Net Four Ball Championship at Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course by one stroke. This was Lumley and Wyatt’s first victory in a CGA event, and they attributed their victory to each partners ability to score well on the holes that the other partner was struggling on. Finishing in second place at 123 were the two-time defending champions (2002-2003) Jerry Holder and Jim Mulstay of the Golf Club at Redlands Mesa, who said they simply played their hearts out and just came up short on their attempt to three-peat. Third place was earned by the team of Matt Neils and Rory Robinson of Lone Tree GC, who finished at 126.

The Senior Division title was earned in dominating fashion by the team of Mark Bless of Kennedy GC and Steve Egender of Riverdale GC. Bless and Egender teamed up for an incredible first round score of net 57, then fired a solid net 63 in the final round to win by three strokes at net 120. Second place was captured by Daryle Billinger and John Mullin of Riverdale GC at 123. Four teams tied for third place at 125.

59-63--122, Lumley, John, Wellshire GC 67-67--134, Wyatt, Jeff, Wellshire GC, 64-71--135
62-61--123, Holder, Jerry, Redlands Mesa 69-68--137, Mulstay, Jim, Redlands Mesa, 69-71--140
62-64--126, Neils, Matt, Lone Tree GC 69-69--138, Robinson, Rory, Lone Tree GC 70-75--145
63-64--127, D'Epagnier, Mike, Riverdale GC 70-73--143, Gude, Glen, Riverdale GC, 73-76--149
66-63--129, Kellough, Aaron, Bushwood GC 76-71--147, Snyder, Kyle, Bushwood GC, 68-70--138
62-68--130, Moore, Carrol, Sunset GC 76-79--155, Rudden, Tim, Sunset GC, 66-69--135
65-65--130, Engerman, Doug, Saddle Rock GC 75-69--144, Ford, Roger, Saddle Rock GC, 68-70--138
65-67--132, Kaltenbacher, Kary, Glenmoor CC 68-71--139, Mahanes, Michael, Glenmoor CC, 74-74--148
62-70--132, Jonnsson, Shane, South Suburban GC 65-72--137, Volk, Mark, South Suburban, GC 72-74--146
66-67--133, Ferguson, Ernie, Coal Creek GC 68-71--139, O'loughlin, John, Coal Creek GC, 77-75--152
71-63--134, Gallant, Tom, Walking Stick GC 79-75--154, Griggs, Richard, Walking Stick GC, 74-67--141
68-66--134, Knudson, Sumner, Perry Park CC 75-78--153, Swierczek, Eric, Perry Park CC, 76-77--153
67-68--135, Figgins, Don, Lake Arbor GC 71-75--146, Menikheim, Steve, Lake Arbor GC, 79-82--161
66-69--135, Boylan, Dick, Fox Hollow GC 75-76--151, Pitman, Art, Fox Hollow GC 72-79—151,
67-71--138, Hopkins, Glynn, Littleton Golf & Tennis Club 75-74--149, Walker, Val, Littleton, Golf & Tennis Club, 86-80--166
64-74--138, Schmaling, James, Fox Hollow GC 71-84--155, Wyrick, Danny, Fox Hollow GC, 71-79--150
66-72--138, Crosby, Mike, Kennedy GC 76-77--153, Denbleyker, Dutch, Kennedy GC, 77-80--157
73-70--143, Barkley, Mark, Highlands Ranch GC 80-78--158, Carpentier, Louis, Highlands Ranch, GC 71-71--142


57-63--120, Bless, Mark, Kennedy GC 63-66--129, Egender, Steve, Riverdale GC 69-77--146
62-61--123, Billinger, Daryle, Riverdale GC 68-70--138, Mullin, John, Riverdale GC 72-69--141
62-63--125, Anderson, Don, Highland Hills GC 69-74--143, Sorenson, Harlan, Highland Hills, GC 70-70--140
60-65--125, Brown, Bob, Walking Stick GC 67-77--144, Strain, Homer, Walking Stick GC, 67-67--134
62-63--125, Scholes, Ron, Aurora Hills GC 69-72--141, Stevens, Charles, Aurora Hills GC, 72-70--142
61-64--125, Achziger, Mark, Greeley CC 68-68--136, Baldwin, Rob, South Suburban GC, 73-77--150
63-64--127, Hval, Merril, Lone Tree GC 65-69--134, Viseur, Phil, Lone Tree GC 75-74--149
66-61--127, Callahan, John, Lone Tree GC 74-65--139, Ross, Bill, Lone Tree GC 70-71--141
62-66--128, Hall, George, Fox Hollow GC 69-75--144, Sager, Don, Fox Hollow GC 73-72--145
64-64--128, Bush, Bob, Meridian GC 72-65--137, Guilford, Gary, Meridian GC 73-74--147
63-65--128, Cave, George, Indian Tree GC 64-66--130, Rodgers, Jim, Indian Tree GC, 72-81--153
62-67--129, Miller, Bruce, Aurora Hills GC 73-77--150, Rehkow, Jerry, Aurora Hills GC, 69-77--146
65-64--129, Reed, Randy, Red Hawk Ridge GC 71-76--147, Sauer, Tom, Red Hawk Ridge GC, 71-70--141
66-64--130, Martin, Ron, The Pinery GC 75-75--150, Simpson, Dick, The Pinery GC, 81-66--147
68-62--130, Ahlbrecht, Chuck, Eisenhower GC 76-84--160, Swenson, Pat, Eisenhower GC, 69-63--132
65-65--130, Robison, Gary, Arrowhead GC 72-71--143, Thiessen, Glen, Arrowhead GC, 73-70--143
62-68--130, Bush, C.I., Highland Hills GC 73-80--153, Henning, Tim, Greeley CC 68-71--139
66-65--131, Rohan, Robert, South Suburban GC 72-72--144, Stein, Tom, South Suburban GC, 73-69--142
65-66--131, Mcclearn, Bill Jr., Meridian GC 74-71--145, Tarbell, Jim, Meridian GC 69-77--146
64-67--131, Hansen, Ken, Saddlerock GC 70-75--145, Knight, Doug, Saddlerock GC, 70-76--146
65-66--131, Best, Ray, Aurora Hills G.C. 75-78--153, Johnson, Richard, Aurora Hills GC, 70-69--139
63-69--132, Lyons, Mike, Inverness GC 64-73--137, Mullins, Mike, Inverness GC 77-81--158
68-65--133, Belcher, Greg, Collindale GC 76-69--145, Knudsen, John, Collindale GC, 79-79--158
67-66--133, Woerdehoff, Bob, Fox Hill CC 72-74--146, Wong, Phil, Fox Hill CC 72-71--143
65-68--133, Irwin, Bill, Indian Tree GC 70-76--146, Upton, Charles, Indian Tree GC 71-75--146
64-70--134, Hale, Troy, Indian Tree GC 73-72--145, Yost, Gene, Indian Tree GC 82-81--163
68-67--135, Colgate, Gerald, Salida GC 79-73--152, Miller, Roger, Salida GC 71-77--148
64-71--135, Fearn, Rolland, Coal Creek GC 77-78--155, Wayne, George, Coal Creek GC, 71-79--150
65-71--136, Evans, Billy, Indian Tree GC 72-78--150, Mcginley, Larry, Indian Tree GC, 74-81--155
64-72--136, Bell, Steve, Denver CC 70-74--144, Schultz, Tim, Denver CC 69-78—147
68-69--137, Bureman, Mike, Red Rocks CC 74-75--149, Keil, Art, Red Rocks CC 77-78--155
68-69--137, Osborne, Marlon, Indian Tree GC 79-81--160, Quinn, Jim, Indian Tree GC, 77-74--151
67-71--138, Parkhurst, Aaron, Eaton CC 78-77--155, Wright, Thurman, Eaton CC 76-79--155
67-72--139, Gardner, Mel, Mad Russian GC 74-81--155, Marshall, Scott, Mad Russian GC, 72-79--151
71-69--140, Sandry, Bob, Highland Hills GC 81-84--165, Shovelin, Jim, Highland Hills GC, 78-72--150
71-69--140, Kelley, Kronin, Heritage at Westmoor 80-72--152, Weathers, Mike, Rolling Hills CC, 74-75--149
70-73--143, Reitz, Jim, Aurora Hills GC 78-79--157, Yahn, Gene, Aurora Hills GC 75-78--153
68-75--143, Fassett, Clark, Fox Hill CC 74-84--158, Schey, Ted, Fox Hill CC 72-79--151
72-72--144, Driver, Roger, Omni Interlocken 82-82--164, Roberts, Duncan, Omni Interlocken, 73-73--146
73-72--145, Baird, Jack, Indian Peaks GC 79-79--158, Bowers, Jim, Indian Peaks GC, 80-77--157

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