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Marshall Plan Works at CGA Father/Son

June 12-13, 2004, SolVista Golf and Ski Ranch

by Colorado Golf Association - 6/13/2004

Kevin and Mike Marshall of Collegiate Peaks Golf Course teamed up to win the 2004 CGA Father/Son Championship at SolVista Golf and Ski Ranch. The father son duo finished the two-day tournament tied for first at 141 with Aaron and Nick Babl of Twin Peaks Golf Course, and had to go to a playoff where the Marshall’s won the championship in convincing fashion on the first hole. The Father Son defending champions Steve and Drew Stoltz finished in fourth place just two strokes back with a two-day total of 143. The heavy favorites heading into the second round were Rick and Tony Dewitt of West Woods Golf Club after posting a 66 on the first day. The Dewitt’s were a smooth five-under par for the tournament through 17 holes on the final day, however the Dewitt’s carded a triple bogey 8 on the demanding par-5 18th hole at SolVista to finish one stroke out of the playoff and in a tie for third with Kent and Steven Moore of Cherry Hills Country Club.

141 - Kevin Marshall, Collegiate Peaks GC, Mike Marshall, Collegiate Peaks GC, 68-73 (1st playoff hole)
141 - Aaron Babl, Twin Peaks GC, Nick Babl, Twin Peaks GC, 71-70
142 - Steven Moore, Cherry Hills CC, Kent Moore, Cherry Hills CC, 68-74
142 - Tony Dewitt, Westwoods GC, Rick Dewitt, Westwoods GC, 66-76
143 - Drew Stoltz, Ft.Collins CC, Steve Stoltz, Ft.Collins CC, 67-76
145 - Christopher Roehrkasse, Colorado Springs CC, Russell Roehrkasse, Colorado Springs CC, 69-76
146 - Alex Kephart, Patty Jewett GC, Gary Kephart, Patty Jewett GC, 68-78
146 - Jeff Philippe, Pinery CC, Jay Philippe, Pinery CC, 67-79
147 - Jason Coffin, Fox Hill CC, Daniel Coffin, Fox Hill CC, 72-75
148 - Andrew Foote, Saddle Rock GC, Richard Foote, Saddle Rock GC, 70-78
149 - Caleb Lierman, The Links at Highlands Ranch, Loel Lierman, The Links at Highlands Ranch, 71-78
149 - Richard Stumpf, Fox Hollow GC, Andrew Stumpf, Fox Hollow GC, 71-78
149 - Chris Schwartz, Fort Collins CC, Dan Schwartz, Fort Collins CC, 73-76
149 - Jim Shinaut, Pinery CC, Tyson Shinaut, Pinery CC, 72-77
149 - Craig Stephens, Indian Peaks GC, Bryon Stephens, Indian Peaks GC, 67-82
150 - Josh Wagner, Fort Collins CC, Mark Wagner, Fort Collins CC, 74-76
151 - David Hunn Sr., City Park Nine GC, Divid Hunn Jr., City Park Nine GC, 72-79
152 - Mark Scanniello, Indian Peaks GC, Eric Scanniello, Indian Peaks GC, 74-78
153 - JP Wertz, Ft collins CC, Jim Wertz, Ft collins CC, 72-81
153 - Daniel Maurer, Fox Hill CC, James Maurer, Fox Hill CC, 73-80
154 - Jack Bradbury, Flatirons GC, Robin Bradbury, Flatirons GC, 68-86
156 - Gary Lacouter, Aspen GC, Scooter Lacouter, Aspen GC, 75-81
156 - Brian Cramer, Patty Jewett GC, Arlo Cramer, Patty Jewett GC, 77-79
156 - Marty Stine, Ptarmigan GC, William Iversen, Ptarmigan GC, 78-78
157 - Dan Armstrong, Steamboat GC, Tom Armstrong, Steamboat GC, 74-83
157 - Zach Fager, Saddle Rock GC, Frank Fager, Saddle Rock GC, 74-83
157 - Scott Whittlef, Desert Hawk GC, Jess Whittlef, Desert Hawk GC, 74-83
160 - Dan Anderson, Fort Collins CC, Scott Anderson, Fort Collins CC, 76-84
160 - Paul Lamothe, Inverness GC, Scott Lamothe, Inverness GC, 75-85
160 - Scott Klahn, Aspen GC, Les Klahn, Aspen GC, 74-86
160 - Brian Haas, Sunset GC, Terry Haas, Sunset GC, 75-85
162 - Kenneth Gould, Aurora Firefighters GC, William Gould, Aurora Firefighters GC, 74-88
162 - Bradley Hettinger, Saddle Rock GC, Gregory Hettinger, Saddle Rock GC, 75-87
162 - Nicklaus Mertz, Fox Hill CC, Guy Mertz, Fox Hill CC, 78-84
163 - Glen Blevins, Perry Park CC, Brian Blevins, Perry Park CC, 77-86
163 - David Holtgrewe, Cherry Hills CC, Jeff Holtgrewe, Cherry Hills CC, 77-86
164 - Taylor Stamp, Broadmoor GC, Dale Stamp, Broadmoor GC, 80-84
165 - Donald Allen, Raccoon Creek GC, Nick Allen, Raccoon Creek GC, 81-84
165 - Matt Litvay, Collegiate Peaks GC, Jack Litvay, Collegiate Peaks GC, 76-89
166 - Chris Rice, Green Valley Ranch GC, Steve Rice, Green Valley Ranch GC, 74-92
166 - Larry Michaels, Indian Tree GC, Greg Michaels, Indian Tree GC, 76-90
167 - Tyler Thiret, Collindale GC, Gary Thiret, Collindale GC, 79-88
167 - Bryce Baker, Meridian GC, Ken Baker, Meridian GC, 79-88
168 - Talen Naylor, Patty Jewett GC, Brad Naylor, Patty Jewett GC, 78-90
169 - Brady Wagner, Bookcliff CC, Bill Wagner, Bookcliff CC, 83-86
173 - Michael Austin, Cherry Hills CC, Bob Austin, Cherry Hills CC, 83-90
173 - Ryan Faulconer, Broadmoor GC, Forrest Faulconer, Broadmoor GC, 83-90
173 - Nick Borgeson, The Meadows GC, Gary Borgeson, The Meadows GC, 79-94
174 - Tom Parko Jr., Aurora Hills GC, Tom Parko Sr., Aurora Hills GC, 81-93
174 - Zachary Jonson, Raccoon Creek GC, Erik Jonson, Raccoon Creek GC, 78-96
177 - Kyle Mckenna, Collindale GC, Jim Mckenna, Collindale GC, 83-94
180 - Payne Wilson, The Meadows GC, Ben Wilson, The Meadows GC, 85-95
180 - Dennis Heath, Valley Hi GC, James Heath, Valley Hi GC, 88-92
180 - Blake Miller, Salida GC, Roger Miller, Salida GC, 88-92
186 - Michael Smith, Collindale GC, David Smith, Collindale GC, 90-96
193 - Michael Moynihan, Pole Creek GC, Patrick Moynihan, Pole Creek GC, 94-99
199 - Richard Brown, Highlands Ranch GC, Jeffrey Brown, Highlands Ranch GC, 94-105
211 - Alex Grant, Pinery GC, Paul Grant, Pinery GC, 98-113
NC - David Hoffman, Bookcliff CC, Benjamin Hoffman, Bookcliff CC
NC - Brandon Hystad, Colorado Springs CC, Garth Hystad, Colorado Springs CC, 79-NC
NC - John A. Scott, Englewood GC, John R. Scott, Englewood GC, 74-NC
NC - Barry Blanchard, Bookcliff CC, Tim Blanchard, Bookcliff CC 

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