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Kepharts Dominate Father/Son Championship

June 11-12, 2005, Fox Acres Country Club

by Colorado Golf Association - 6/12/2005

Gary and Alex Kephart of Eisenhower Golf Club lapped the field at Fox Acres Country Club to capture the CGA Father/Son Team Championship title by a staggering 8 strokes. The Kephart’s first round of 64 was impressive considering the modified scotch format, but even more impressive was their 3 under 68 final round using a true scotch (alternate shot) format giving them a two day total of 132. Russell and Chris Roehrkasse of Colorado Springs Country Club proved consistent enough to secure second place at 140 nudging Colorado Golf Hall of Fame member Rick DeWitt and son Tony by one shot.

The event, which features an alternate shot format over two days, provided a wonderful opportunity for Fathers and Sons to play in a fun yet competitive championship together. The field for the 2005 event featured many past champions including Drew Stoltz the defending CGA Amateur Stroke Play champion and 2005 Conference USA champion teaming up with father Steve, Dan and Jason Coffin of Fox Hill Country Club, Robin and Jack Bradbury of Flatirons Golf Course, and the 2004 champion team of Kevin and Mike Marshall of Collegiate Peaks Golf Course.

Gary Kephart / Alex Kephart--64-68--132
Russell Roehrkasse / Christopher Roehrkasse --67-73--140
Rick DeWitt / Tony DeWitt--67-74--141
Daniel Coffin / Jason Coffin--70-72--142
Scott Sullivan / Kyle Sullivan--67-76--143
Steve Stoltz / Drew Stoltz--69-76--145
Bill Coakley / Kenny Coakley--74-72--146
Duke Wortmann / Chase Wortmann--73-73--146
Guy Mertz / Nickalaus Mertz --76-73--149
Mark Fowler / Brandon Fowler--73-77--150
JR Burroughs / Scott Burroughs--66-85--151
Ben Zimmerman / Paul Zimmerman--70-81--151
Aaron Babl / Nicolas Babl --78-74--152
Anthony Giordano / Mark Hubbard--73-79--152
Craig Stephens / Bryon Stephens --74-78--152
Ed Coover / Todd Coover--72-81--153
Jay Philippe / Jeff Philippe--72-81--153
Jack Bradbury / Robin Bradbury--72-82--154
Arlo Cramer / Brian Cramer--70-84--154
James Maurer / Daniel Maurer--72-82--154
Mark Wagner / Josh Wagner--72-82--154
Dan Armstrong / Tom Armstrong--75-80--155
Don Allen / Nick Allen--78-78--156
Jerome Hause / Jason Hause--73-84--157
Brett Herring / Jeff Herring--74-83--157
Barry Blanchard / Tim Blanchard--76-82--158
Bill Boyd / Jim Boyd--73-85--158
Dave Janssen / Nick Janssen --76-83--159
Loel Lierman / Caleb Lierman --75-84--159
Henry Fry / Pat Fry--73-87--160
Mark Scanniello / Eric Scanniello --73-87--160
Jess Whittlef / Scott Whittlef--81-79--160
Jim Shinaut / Tyson Shinaut --78-83--161
Dale Stamp / Taylor Stamp--74-87--161
Todd Williams / Les Williams--77-84--161
Mike Marshall / Kevin Marshall--76-86--162
Gary Cosel / David--73-90--163
Richard Foote / Andrew Foote--79-84--163
Adrian Tapia / Justin Tapia--75-88--163
Bob Brown / Vance Brown--73-90--163
Chuck Moore / Jimmy Moore--79-84--163
Chris Schwartz / Dan Schwartz --79-86--165
Jeff Holtgrewe / David Holtgrewe--78-88--166
Jim Wertz / J.P. Wertz--76-91--167
Robert Burke / Ryan Burke--77-91--168
Forrest Faulconer / Ryan Faulconer--78-90—168
Gary Thiret / Tyler Thiret--79-89—168
Danny Wyrick / Chris Wyrick--76-92--168
Randy Carruthers / Brian Carruthers--79-90--169
Gary Borgeson / Nick Borgeson --83-87--170
Everett Pond / David Pond--78-93--171
Jim McKenna / Kyle McKenna--77-96--173
H.A. Van Hofwegen / Scott Van Hofwegen --85-91--176
Kenneth Gould / William Gould--88-92--180
Erik Jonson / Zachary Jonson--80-101--181
Tom Parko Sr / Tom Parko Jr.--86-97--183
AJ Patton / Jim Patton--83-104--187
Alex Grant / Paul Grant--95-97--192
George Hamlin / Wade Hamlin--86-110--196
Roger Miller / Blake Miller--96-106--202

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