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Stoltz Duo Wins CGA Father/Son Title

June 11-12, 2006, Grand Elk Golf Club

by Colorado Golf Association - 6/12/2006

Steve and Drew Stoltz combined for an even par 72 in the final round for a 135 total and a four-stroke victory in the CGA Father/Son Championship at Grand Elk Golf Club in Granby. For the Stoltz team, this was their second victory (2003, 2006) making them only the fourth Father/Son team to win the event more than once since it began in 1983. Steve and Drew had fired a 63 in the first round to take a three stroke lead into the final round over Billy and Charlie Post and 2005 champions Alex and Gary Kephart, who each combined for 66 in the first round. The Post team shot a final round 73 to finish tied for second at 139 with Jack and Scott Mendelsohn who turned in a final round score of 70. The Kephart team finished fourth at 140.

Conor and Patrick Murphy won the Net Division title in a playoff over Chase and Jim Chaldekas at the score of net 132.

Steve Stoltz / Drew Stoltz--63-72--135
Billy Post / Charlie Post--66-73--139
Jack Mendelsohn / Scott Mendelsohn--69-70--139
Alex Kephart / Gary Kephart--66-74--140
Dan O'Bryant / Shaun Obryant--71-72--143
Guy Mertz / Nickalaus Mertz--67-76--143
Chase Chaldekas / Jim Chaldekas--69-75--144
John Scott / John A. Scott--73-74--147
Aaron Babl / Nicolas Babl--70-78—148
Ben Zimmerman / Paul Zimmerman--69-79--148
Caleb Lierman / Loel Lierman--70-78--148
Kent Moore / Steven Moore--73-75--148
Arlo Cramer / Brian Cramer--71-78--149
Craig Stephens / Bryon Stephens--71-78--149
Rick Tarasiewicz / Nicholas Tarasiewicz--70-79--149
Robert Burke / Ryan B. Burke--69-80--149
Barry Blanchard / Tim Blanchard--75-75--150
Bob Brown / Vance Brown--75-75--150
David Holtgrewe / Jeff Holtgrewe--74-77--151
Jack Bradbury / Robin Bradbury--72-79--151
Chris Roehrkasse / Russell Roehrkasse--73-79--152
Andrew Hebert / Paul Hebert--70-84--154
Conor Murphy / Patrick Murphy--74-80--154
Dan Armstrong / Tom Armstrong--75-80--155
Daniel Maurer / James Maurer--76-79--155
Gregory Stephens / Gregory Stephens--73-82--155
Steve Knous / Jim Knous--71-84--155
David Smith / Michael Smith--75-81--156
Eric Scanniello / Mark Scanniello--76-80--156
JR Burroughs / Scott Burroughs--76-80--156
Randy Miller / Mike Miller--75-81—156
Dave Janssen / Nick Janssen--77-80--157
Don Allen / Nick Allen--75-82--157
Gary Lacouter / Scooter LaCouter--76-81--157
Barry Jennings / Cory Jennings--71-87--158
Jess Whittlef / Scott Whittlef--75-83--158
Kevin Gallacher / Jordan Gallacher--79-79--158
Brian Carruthers / Randy Carruthers--74-85--159
Dan Schwartz / Chris Schwartz--75-85--160
David Schroeder / H David Schroeder--74-86--160
Michael Vance / Cody Vance--75-85--160
Christopher Puckett / Paul Puckett--79-82--161
Clint Blum / Jeff Blum--76-85--161
Thomas Kershisnik / Tim Kershisnik--76-85--161
Bradley Hettinger / Gregory Hettinger--81-84—165
Dave Huelskamp / Scott Huelskamp--81-84--165
Don Deere / Ted Deere--81-84--165
Al Lofthus / Alex Lofthus--80-86--166
Ben Wilson / Payne Wilson--77-90--167
Erik Jonson / Zachary Jonson--82-85--167
Kevin Connolly / Brendan Connolly--82-85--167
Andrew Weber / Dennis Weber--79-89--168
Gary Borgeson / Nick Borgeson--86-82--168
Dave Hunn / David Hunn Sr.--81-89--170
Bill Fowler / Will Fowler--83-90--173
Kenneth Gould / William Gould--84-90--174
David Pond / Everett Pond--89-94--183
Roger Miller / Blake Miller--91-93--184
Mark Hensick / Michael Hensick--93-92--185
Dave Ballard / Mike Ballard--92-107--199


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