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Four-Ball Finish as Guetz as it Gets

July 16-17, 2001, Riverdale GC

by Colorado Golf Association - 7/17/2001

Both the Open and Senior Division of the CGA Four-Ball Championship required playoffs to determine the champions at the Riverdale Dunes Golf Course. And in both divisional playoffs, it was a member of the Guetz family who sunk the winning putt. In the Open Division, three teams tied at 129 to force a playoff for the title. On the first playoff hole Bret Guetz sunk an 80-foot birdie putt to win the championship with partner Joe Liley of Lakewood Country Club. In the playoff they beat the teams of Marty Jertson and Nolan Martin of Gleneagle Golf Club, and Ben Portie of Hyland Hills and Matt Zions of Flatirons Golf Course, who tied for second place. The team of Erik Billinger of Legacy Ridge Golf Course and CGA Match Play champion Shawn Wills of The Ranch Country Club tied for fourth at 131 with Blake Mastalir and Andy Connell of Denver Country Club.

In the Senior Division, Bret's father Mike Guetz of Columbine Country Club sunk a birdie putt on the third playoff hole to earn the title with partner Bert Welz (also of Columbine). They won the playoff against the team of Roger Gunderson of Heather Ridge Country Club and Chuck Melvin of Ute Creek Golf Course, who tied them at 130 at the end of regulation. Third place was captured by Mark Achziger of Greeley Country Club and Jim Pierce of Pinery Country Club at 133.


Flight: Open Championship Division
129 - Bret Guetz, Columbine CC, Joe Liley, Lakewood CC, 64-65 (Winner playoff) 129 - Marty Jertson, Gleneagle GC, Nolan Martin, Gleneagle GC, 66-63
129 - Ben Portie, Hyland Hills GC, Matt Zions, Flatirons GC, 63-66
131 - Erik Billinger, Legacy Ridge GC, Shawn Wills, The Ranch CC, 65-66
131 - Blake Mastalir, Denver CC, Andy Connell, Denver CC, 66-65
132 - Michael Glaesel, Indian Tree GC, Rick DeWitt, West Woods GC, 65-67
133 - Dean Clapp, Meadow Hills GC, Pat Bowe, Hyland Hills GC, 69-64
134 - Scotty Lamothe, Inverness GC, Tyson Shinaut, Pinery CC, 69-65
134 - Shawn Mercer, Highlands Ranch GC, Jon Lindstrom, Wellshire GC, 69-65
134 - Kary Kaltenbacher, Glenmoor CC, Dennis Vogt, Glenmoor CC, 64-70
137 - Scott Radcliffe, Rolling Hills CC, Sean Forey, Rolling Hills CC, 70-67
139 - Michael Cutshaw, Riverdale GC, Nathan Cutshaw, Riverdale GC, 70-69
140 - Bob Heiny, Highland Hills GC, Bill Boyd, Highland Hills GC, 68-72
140 - Matt Hart, Walking Stick GC, John Buffalo, Walking Stick GC, 69-71
141 - Mark Hirsch, Meadow Hills GC, Michael Davis, Meadow Hills GC, 67-74
142 - Nick Babl, Twin Peaks GC, Jon Olson, Red Hawk Ridge GC, 75-67
143 - Matt McCoy, Legacy Ridge GC, Kelly Crone, Deer Creek GC, 74-69
143 - Steve Tourault, Coal Creek GC, Steve Crowe, Coal Creek GC, 71-72
146 - Bret Mansur, Raccoon Creek GC, Steve Lechner, Hyland Hills GC, 75-71
147 - Louie Lee, Lone Tree GC, Steve Redmond, CC at Castle Pines, 73-74
147 - Murl Hendrickson, Sunset GC, Calder Hendrickson, Sunset GC, 73-74
149 - Tom Coates, South Suburban GC, Todd Wilcox, South Suburban GC, 73-76
149 - Eric Scanniello, Indian Peaks GC, Matthew Tani, 71-78
150 - Dave Bullock, Cherry Hills CC, Mike Mathies, Lone Tree GC, 77-73
150 - George Nicholaides, Plum Creek GC, Tom Kauffman, Saddle Rock GC, 78-72
153 - Ryan Faulconer, Broadmoor GC, Michael Briggs, CC of Colorado, 77-76
154 - Greg McDonald, Coal Creek GC, Keith Hugenberg, Thorncreek GC, 80-74
No Score - Arnie Abel, Centennial GC, Loel Lierman, The Links GC
No Score - Dave Dines, South Suburban GC, Steve Bailey, Deer Creek GC, 87-No Score

Flight: Senior Championship Division

130 - Mike Guetz, Columbine CC, Bert Welz, Columbine CC, 66-64 (Winner playoff)
130 - Roger Gunderson, Heather Ridge CC, Chuck Melvin, Ute Creek GC, 65-65
133 - Mark Achziger, Greeley CC, Jim Pierce, Pinery CC, 66-67
134 - Jerry Kidney, Overland Park GC, Les Mattocks, Overland Park GC, 68-66
134 - Jack Manzi, Bear Creek GC, Sam Battaglia, Bear Creek GC, 67-67
134 - Grant Maples, Meridian GC, Pat Almdale, Hyland Hills GC, 66-68
135 - Jack Egender, Hiwan GC, Mike Christie, Saddle Rock GC, 68-67
135 - Jim Voigt, Inverness GC, Ron Knapp, Pinery CC, 67-68
136 - Peter Perry, Murphy Creek GC, Bill Bogdanoff, South Suburban GC, 68-68
137 - Jack Quinlivan, Bear Creek GC, Jim Hotchkiss, Bear Creek GC, 69-68
137 - Dave Richardson, Fox Hill CC, Jim Brown, Fox Hill CC, 72-65
137 - Bob Campiglia, Glenwood Springs GC, Doug Jones, Tiara Rado GC, 69-68
138 - John Boyles, Pinery CC, Robert Andrews, Pinery CC, 67-71
138 - Larry Pate, Bear Creek GC, Paul Schmidt, Bear Creek GC, 67-71
138 - Greg Mokler, Fort Collins CC, Floyd Stephens, Fort Collins CC, 69-69
139 - Scott Peterson, Denver CC, Jim Grubbs, Broadlands GC, 71-68
139 - Steven Krieger, Englewood GC, Rick Corbin, Fox Hill CC, 68-71
140 - David Gross, Flatirons GC, Bill Holmes, Boulder CC, 73-67
141 - Tom Kundinger, Denver CC, Mike Jobin, Denver CC, 69-72
141 - Eddie Coover, Fox Hill CC, Jim Higgins, Riverdale GC, 71-70
142 - Michael Clark, Indian Peaks GC, Jack Persinger, Indian Peaks GC, 73-69
142 - Phill Word, Pinehurst CC, Craig Mueller, Pinehurst CC, 70-72
143 - Scott Crone, Pinehurst CC, Warren Luebcke, Deer Creek GC, 72-71
143 - Harry King, Denver City Park GC, Don Papin, Denver City Park GC, 70-73
143 - Bob Bauers, Boulder CC, Gary Potter, Denver CC, 71-72
144 - Chris King, Cherry Hills CC, Jeff McClintock, Cherry Hills CC, 71-73
144 - Stu Hoover, Wellshire GC, Dennis Hartman, Wellshire GC, 72-72
146 - Bernie Mares, Denver City Park GC, Richard Merino, Denver City Park GC, 72-74
146 - Bill Schuler, Heather Ridge CC, Les Williams, Fox Hill CC, 74-72
146 - Dave Bell, Fox Hollow GC, Chet Baker, The Meadows GC, 73-73
147 - Ken Hansen, Saddle Rock GC, Bill Ettenger, Saddle Rock GC, 73-74
150 - Jim Rodgers, Indian Tree GC, Bob Harder, Indian Tree GC, 78-72
150 - Michael Straud, Mira Vista GC, Bob Kuziak, Aurora Hills GC, 72-78
151 - Gary Keogh, Columbine CC, Smith Tonahill, Columbine CC, 76-75
151 - Larry Hayes, Hyland Hills GC, Dave Lawson, Hyland Hills GC, 78-73
154 - John Livingston, Fox Hollow GC, Jeff English, Fox Hollow GC, 77-77
157 - John Kaiser, The Meadows GC, Steve Gragg, Grandote Peaks GC, 84-73

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