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No Poor Tees as Portie Wins Second Straight CGA Pub-Links

June 29 - July 1, 2001, Collindale Golf Course

by Colorado Golf Association - 7/1/2001

CU player Ben Portie, of Hyland Hills Golf Courses, fired a final round 67 for a 206 total and a seven-stoke victory in the CGA State Public Links Championship at Collindale Golf Course. The win marks Portie's second CGA Pub-Links title in as many years, both of which he won by a seven-stroke margin. Those who have followed amateur golf this season were not surprised to see Portie hoist the CGA Public Links trophy, as this year he already has qualified for the U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship, and won the 2001 CGA Two-Man Team Championship with fellow CU player Matt Call.

Trey Treadwell of Eisenhower Golf Club fired his second consecutive 70 to finish at 213 as the runner up. Three players tied for third place at even-par 216. They were: Dave Brown of Highlands Ranch Golf Club, Nolan Martin of Fort Carson Golf Course and Mark Franz of Saddle Rock Golf Course, who's final round 75 dropped him from second place where he started the day.

Ben Portie, Hyland Hills GC, 69-70-67--206
Trey Treadwell, Eisenhower GC, 73-70-70--213
Dave Brown, Highlands Ranch Golf Club, 72-71-73--216
Nolan Martin, Ft. Carson GC, 71-72-73--216
Mark Franz, Saddle Rock GC, 71-70-75--216
Robert Hunt, Lake Arbor GC, 71-73-73--217
Jason Schram, Collindale GC, 72-74-72--218
Jon Lindstrom, Saddle Rock, 70-74-74--218
Jeff Hanson, Sunset GC, 76-73-70--219
Marty Jertson, Gleneagle GC, 76-72-71--219
Garrett Froggatte, Gleneagle GC, 73-74-72--219
Dave Hunn, Collindale, 67-76-76--219
Michael Glaesel, Indian Tree GC, 71-76-73--220
Matt Parkin, Hyland Hills GC, 74-75-72--221
Michael Enright, Collindale GC, 74-73-74--221
Rick DeWitt, West Woods GC, 76-75-71--222
Mark Hirsch, Meadow Hills GC, 73-76-73--222
Pat Bowe, Hyland Hills GC, 71-77-74--222
Erik Billinger, Legacy Ridge GC, 75-69-78--222
Charlie Luther, Meadow Hills GC, 75-74-74--223
Travis Morton, Englewood GC, 77-74-74--225
Justin Borzych, The Meadows GC, 76-74-75--225
Barry Erwin, Collindale GC, 74-73-78--225
Scott VanHofwegan, Collindale GC, 78-74-74--226
John Applegate, Mira Vista GC, 74-76-76--226
Ryan Husted, Highlands Ranch Golf Club, 74-76-76--226
Paul Brauer, Collindale GC, 78-71-77--226
Chuck Schmidt, Mira Vista GC, 73-75-78--226
Harry King, Denver City Park GC, 76-71-79--226
Steve Vogt, Englewood, 78-75-76--229
Ed Noordewier, Breckenridge GC, 76-75-78--229
Nicholas Schommer, Fort Carson, 73-78-79--230
James Kurtenbach, South Suburban Golf Club, 79-72-79--230
Gabe Orr, Wray GC, 77-77-77--231
Dustin Mills, Indian Tree GC, 73-80-79--232
Owen Ellis, Flatirons, 76-74-82--232
Christian Sanchez, Coal Creek, 75-79-79--233
Rick Lee, Springs Ranch GC, 75-79-79--233
Geoff Keffer, Overland Golf Course, 79-74-80--233
Bret Mansur, Raccoon Creek GC, 76-78-80--234
Marc Hocking, Patty Jewett GC, 73-78-83--234
David McDuffee, South Suburban GC, 77-74-83--234
Brandon Jung, Meridian, 78-76-81--235
Lamar Carlile, Meadow Hills GC, 74-80-82--236
Pete Balzer, Keystone Ranch GC, 77-77-82--236

Chad Hanson, Sunset GC, 75-80--155
Bryan Hogan, Saddle Rock GC, 75-80--155
Steve Jones, Indian Peaks GC, 78-77--155
Michael Ryan, Legacy Ridge GC, 79-76--155
Chris Carlson, Lone Tree, 79-76--155
Frank Wilkinson, Tiara Rado, 80-75--155
Marc Anzlovar, Pueblo City Park GC, 75-81--156
Dean Clapp, Meadow Hills GC, 77-79--156
John Sanderson, Lone Tree GC, 79-77--156
Matt McCoy, Legacy Ridge GC, 78-79--157
Steven Brooks, Deer Creek GC, 79-78--157
Charles Scheinost, Collindale GC, 77-81--158
Brandt Nelson, South Suburban GC, 78-81--159
Nick Babl, Twin Peaks GC, 79-80--159
Ryan Luecke, Collindale GC, 79-80--159
Michael Ventimiglia, Flatirons GC, 79-81--160
Ted Miernicki, River Valley Ranch GC, 80-80--160
Tom DeLaat, Flatirons GC, 79-82--161
James Williamson, Collindale GC, 81-80--161
Tracy Barber, Valley Hi GC, 82-79--161
Randy Gaddis, Lone Tree GC, 80-82--162
Steve Lechner, Hyland Hills GC, 81-81--162
Kevin Boudreau, Pine Creek GC, 85-77--162
Brandon Dingae, Coal Creek GC, 76-87--163
Chris Sellitto, Fox Hollow GC, 86-78--164
Thomas Bradford, Patty Jewett, 78-87--165
Jeremy Albert, Collindale, 81-84--165
John Canon, Mira Vista, 82-85--167
Jarrett Stair, Hyland Hills GC, 83-84--167
David Lawien, Tiara Rado, 82-86--168
Doug Rogers, Englewood GC, 87-82--169
Jacob Hemelstrand, The Links GC, 85-86--171
Ken Bailey, Fairway Pines, 89-85--174
Bill Hancock, Pine Creek GC, WD
Joseph Streater, Meridian GC, 82-NC--NC
Kelly Crone, Deer Creek GC, 78-NC--NC
Mischa Ronick, Flatirons GC, 83-NC--NC
Ron Platz, Loveland GC, 82-NC--NC
Shawn Mercer, 83-NC--NC 

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