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Olive Wins 5th CGA State Senior Stroke Play Title

September 4-6, 2002, River Valley Ranch Golf Club

by Colorado Golf Association - 9/6/2002

CGA Senior Player of the Year and current CGA State Senior Match Play champion, John Olive of the Broadmoor Golf Club, earned his fifth CGA State Senior Stroke Play title in six years at River Valley Ranch Golf Club. Olive did it in dominating fashion, firing a 69 in the final round to earn a Tiger-like nine-stroke victory with a 7-under total of 209. Olive was the only player to finish under par for the tournament. Scott Radcliffe of Rolling Hills Country Club finished at 218 to earn runner-up honors. Larry Dragon of Battlement Mesa Golf Club, former CGA State Senior Match Play champion Roger Gunderson of Heather Ridge Country Club, and Larry Netherton of Highlands Ranch Golf Club all tied for third place at 223.

Olive has now won this event five times since becoming a senior in 1997, with victories in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2002. The field was cut to low 40 plus ties for the final round.

John Olive, Broadmoor GC, 72-68-69--209
Scott Radcliffe, Rolling Hills CC, 69-72-77--218
Larry Dragon, Battlement Mesa GC, 77-73-73--223
Roger Gunderson, Heather Ridge CC, 75-72-76--223
Larry Netherton, Highlands Ranch GC, 73-72-78--223
Jerry Kidney, Overland Park GC, 78-78-68--224
Peter Perry, South Suburban GC, 79-74-72--225
Mark Barlau, Aspen GC, 78-75-72--225
Michael Gillett, Golf Club Colorado, 78-75-72--225
Chuck Melvin, Lake Valley GC, 74-78-73--225
William Iversen, Fort Collins CC, 72-80-73--225
Ronald Knapp, Pinery CC, 77-77-72--226
Harry Johnson, Sonnenalp GC, 75-76-75--226
Rich McClintock, Cherry Hills CC, 83-74-70--227
Stan Smazal, Cherry Hills CC, 77-79-71--227
Kelly Crone, Deer Creek at Meadow Ranch, 77-76-74--227
Brady Hendren, Meridian GC, 76-76-75--227
Scott Crone, Pinehurst CC, 76-81-71--228
Ken Mesloh, Country Club of the Rockies, 77-75-76--228
Bob Heiny, Highland Hills GC, 74-75-79--228
Jim Pierce, Pinery CC, 76-76-77--229
Doug Jones, Tiara Rado GC, 75-78-77--230
Charlie Post, Plum Creek GC, 77-75-78--230
Smith Tonahill, Columbine CC, 79-77-75--231
Jim Peloquin, River Valley Ranch GC, 79-77-75--231
Bill Boyd, Highland Hills GC, 76-76-79--231
Jeff Tasker, Aspen Glen GC, 77-80-75--232
Frank Wilkinson, Tiara Rado GC, 82-74-76--232
Wayne Huff, Pagosa Springs GC, 74-80-79--233
Chuck Fisher, Golf Resources GC, 81-68-84--233
Scott Peterson, Denver CC, 78-75-81--234
Gene Schroth, Breckenridge GC, 75-78-81--234
Kirk Miller, Estes Park GC, 84-74-77--235
Jack Quinlivan, Bear Creek GC, 79-77-79--235
John Walla, Aspen GC, 81-75-79--235
Arnie Abel, Centennial GC, 81-74-80--235
David Gross, Flatirons GC, 77-82-77--236
Tom Kundinger, Denver CC, 83-74-79--236
Mark Achziger, Greeley CC, 78-80-79--237
Greg Mokler, Fort Collins CC, 77-82-79--238
A.R. Perez, Kissing Camels GC, 82-76-84--242
Rich Trout, Indian Tree GC, 80-78-87--245

Jim Houg, River Valley Ranch GC, 79-89-NC--NC
Jim Hotchkiss, Bear Creek GC, 84-80-NC--NC
Bill Hancock, Pine Creek GC, 79-85-NC--NC
Gary Houtz, Murphy Creek GC, 103-85-NC--NC
Joe Hybl, Pueblo City Park GC, 87-80-NC--NC
Jerre Hause, Pinehurst CC, 87-82-NC--NC
David Broyles, Cattails, 96-94-NC--NC
Patrick Mooney, Meridian GC, 77-84-NC--NC
Jim Goodwyn, Lone Tree GC, WD
Jim Guest, Conquistador GC, 90-92-NC--NC
Michael Straud, Mira Vista GC, 90-84-NC--NC
Ben Barnes, Heather Ridge CC, 82-80-NC--NC
Jim Bristow, Meadow Hills GC, 82-78-NC--NC
Dave Weishaar, Indian Peaks GC, 83-82-NC--NC
Tom Clark, Eisenhower GC, 82-89-NC--NC
Rick Pirog, Cordillera Valley CC, 90-81-NC--NC
Michael Somma, GC at Redlands Mesa, 86-81-NC--NC
Stephen Barlow, Cherry Hills CC, NS
Ron Holbeck, Perry Park CC, NS
John Seidel, River Valley Ranch, 90-87-NC--NC
Steve Stoltz, Fort Collins CC, NS
Phillip Buford, Rocky Ford CC, 88-85-NC--NC
Michael Meyer, Meridian GC, 92-89-NC--NC
Patrick Almdale, Hyland Hills GC, 83-NC--NC
Neil Hicks, Pinery CC, 83-84-NC--NC
Jim White, Breckenridge GC, 80-88-NC--NC
Dannie Hutcherson, Mariana Butte GC, 86-87-NC--NC
Rob McClure, Rolling Hills CC, 81-82-NC--NC
Gordon Pracko, Dalton Ranch GC, 78-85-NC--NC
David Davis, Applewood GC, 87-83-NC--NC
James Megas, Lake Arbor GC, 87-81-NC--NC
Richard Griggs, Walking Stick GC, 82-81-NC--NC
Gary Mercer, Lake Valley GC, NS
Larry Pate, Fox Hollow GC, 80-81-NC--NC
Sam Froggatte, Gleneagle GC, 77-NC--NC
Logan O'Reilly, Estes Park GC, WD
Gerald Clouse, Columbine CC, NS
Jim White, Haymaker Golf Course, 85-94-NC--NC
Steven Coyer, Eagle Springs GC, 77-86-NC--NC
Rod Allison, Lone Tree GC, 96-84-NC--NC
Michael Cutshaw, Riverdale GC, 82-81-NC--NC
Tom Gorton, Dalton Ranch, 79-81-NC--NC
Dave Bell, Fox Hollow GC, 82-84-NC--NC
Ed Kuechler, Tiara Rado GC, 93-NC--NC
Randy Leach, Aspen Glen GC, 78-86-NC--NC
Richard Barg, Meadow Hills GC, 83-80-NC--NC

Bill Holmes, Boulder CC, 79-76-72--227
Phill Word, Pinehurst CC, 78-75-74--227
Joe Morrill, Cordillera, 78-76-78--232
Jim Brown, Fox Hill CC, 74-80-81--235
Bill Bogdanoff, South Suburban GC, 78-75-82--235
Jim Collins, CC at Castle Pines, 77-80-79--236
Dick Goossen, Pinehurst CC, 76-83-78--237
David Shaub, Pueblo West GC, 78-85-76--239
John Kaiser, The Meadows GC, 79-81-80--240
Gary Potter, Denver CC, 79-79-84--242
Nick Clabaugh, Crested Butte CC, 75-86-82--243
Bob Campiglia, Glenwood Springs GC, 79-81-85--245

Larry Eaton, Greeley CC, 79-81-WD--WD
Charles Upton, Indian Tree Golf Course, 91-90-NC--NC
Jim Gwinn, Eisenhower GC, 91-81-NC--NC
Ron Chase, GC Colorado, 85-NC--NC
Don H. Miller, CC of Colorado, NS
Larry Voris, Ute Creek GC, 89-84-NC--NC
Bob Weaver, Tiara Rado GC, 91-82-NC--NC
Jim Rodgers, Indian Tree GC, 85-82-NC--NC
John South, Fox Hill CC, 88-87-NC--NC
John Kelly, Lone Tree GC, NS
Larry Karsten, Hyland Hills GC, 82-84-NC--NC
John Sopack, Aurora Hills GC, 81-86-NC--NC
Joe Rubio, Eisenhower GC, 83-92-NC--NC
Bob Harder, Indian Tree GC, 91-88-NC--NC
Ed Coover, Fox Hill CC, 91-85-NC--NC
Robert Woerdehoff, Fox Hill CC, 97-94-NC--NC
Samuel Battaglia, Bear Creek GC, 79-79-WD--WD
Bert Welz, Columbine CC, 86-77-NS--NS
Dick Schmaltz, Walking Stick GC, 87-NC--NC
Don Allen, Plum Creek GC, NS

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